Demon Hunter: The 10 Luckiest Moments, Ranked

From the birth of Muzan Kibutsuji, the world found in the new hit anime, Demon Slayer, has been full of terror. The King of Demons has put his quest for power above all else, leading to an unforgivable degree of carnage.

Muzan’s quest for power has taken him to the top of the power ladder. from the Demon Slayers. To survive in a world haunted by Muzan Kibutzuji, a Demon Slayer you need to have an equal amount of skill and luck. Some might even say that luck is more important than skill.

10 Tanjiro Confronts Lady Tamayo Moments After Facing Muzan Kibutsuji

Lady Tamayo is not an easy demon to find. As an ally of humanity and a member of Muzan’s merry band of demons, Tamayo has more enemies than anyone in the world of Demon Slayer.

Despite this, Tanjiro and Nezuko manage to break into Tamayo’s house and win his favor in a matter of minutes. Without this luck, Tanjiro would never have been able to formulate a plan to save his sister.

9 Inosuke Is Aided By Tengen’s Wives During His Fight Against Daki’s Belt Of Worms1642327191 479 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

During the Entertainment District Arc, Inosuke proves that he is an incredibly reliable member of the Demon Slayer Corps despite his low rank. After dislocating his shoulders and finding Daki’s hidden cloak, Inosuke finds himself overwhelmed by Daki’s sentient sash.

Luckily, Inosuke’s attacks were powerful enough to free two of Tengen’s shinobi wives. If Inosuke’s senses hadn’t guided him in the direction of Tengen’s two wives, he would have finally been overpowered by the upper rank blood demon art.

8 Tanjiro Luckily Returns To The Butterfly Mansion In Time To Save Aoi From Tengen1642327191 968 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

After being restored to health by the young women who work at the butterfly mansion on two separate occasions, Tanjiro owes a great deal to Shinobu and his allies. This debt was partially paid off when Tanjiro saved Aoi from Tengen.

After seeing Daki’s threat up close, it’s become abundantly clear how lucky Aoi was to be spared Tengen’s mission within the Entertainment District. She seems even luckier considering how close Tanjiro came to missing out on Tengen’s invasion of the butterfly mansion.

7 Tanjiro’s Coal Delivery Service Kept Him From Muzan Kibutsuji’s Hands1642327191 839 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

The tragedy that the Kamado family suffered is one that still resonates in the minds of fans of Demon Slayer . Although it has not been confirmed, fans speculate that the murder of the Kamado family came directly from the hand of Muzan Kibutsuji.

Perhaps after learning of the Kamado family’s ties to sun-breathing, Muzan acted proactively to ensure his own survival. Of course, fans are already aware of his failed attempt to purge the Kamado line. Thanks to Tanjiro’s incredible work ethic, he was lucky enough to escape Muzan’s grasp while venturing down the mountain to deliver coal.

6 The Sun Saved Tanjiro, Inosuke, And Zenitsu From Akaza1642327192 819 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

The moment of the sun is routine, but it couldn’t have come at a better time than the one that saved Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu from Akaza. After defeating Rengoku in combat, Akaza is forced to flee due to the rising sun.

If the sun hadn’t come up when it did, Akaza could have easily finished off the main cast of Demon Slayer in a matter of seconds. If only he had gotten out in time to save Rengoku as well.

5 Shinobu Finds A Poisoned Zenitsu Moments Before It Transforms Into A Spider1642327192 463 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

During the Natagumo Mountain arc, Zenitsu finds himself at war with a powerful demon with the ability to turn its victims into small spiderlings. Although Zenitsu manages to defeat the demon with his Thunder Breathing technique, he is poisoned and almost defeated.

Luckily, before Zenitsu loses his life, he manages to control his breathing, stop the spread of the poison, and survive long enough for a miracle to happen. The miracle that takes place is called Shinobu Kocho. If the bug Hashira hadn’t shown up just when he did, Tanjiro’s team would have lost one of their main members before the first season was over.

4 Tanjiro Randomly Bumps Into Inosuke, The Strongest Member Of His Class1642327192 281 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Both figuratively and literally, Inosuke is a beast. Despite serving as Tanjiro’s secondary throughout the plot of Demon Slayer, the boar-headed beast manages to outmaneuver his companion on different occasions. One such occasion occurs early in his career, when Inosuke passes the final selection exam faster than Tanjiro and Zenitsu.

Suffice to say, Tanjiro was very lucky to have bumped into Inosuke when he was a new member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

3 Urokodaki Gave Tanjiro And Nezuko A Chance To Survive1642327192 263 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Although the presence of Giyu and Urokodaki in Tanjiro’s life has been considered by many to be a symptom of the protagonist’s goodwill, surely Tanjiro considers himself lucky to have met both when he did.

After being lucky enough to run into Giyu in the snowy forest outside their parents’ house, Tanjiro and Nezuko’s luck goes up another notch when Urokodaki and Giyu risk their lives for Nezuko’s ability to control her hunger. If the former and current Hashira had not defended Nezuko, the young demon would have been killed and the plot of Demon Slayer it would have been truncated.

2 Tanjiro And Nezuko Were Lucky To Confront Giyu Before The Rest Of The Demon Slayer Corps1642327192 247 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

Perhaps the luckiest thing that has happened to Tanjiro since the start of Demon Slayer be the moment when he confronts Giyu Tomioka in the woods, outside his parents’ house. At this point in the plot of Demon Slayer Nezuko has been transformed into a demon, but lacks the ability to fully control her hunger.

Even though Giyu was sent to this forest to get rid of a demon, he is able to recognize the courage of Tanjiro and his little sister Nezuko. Fans can see how lucky Tanjiro and Nezuko are right now, as they both take on the rest of the Hashira and Nezuko nearly loses her life to the “good guys” for the second time.

1 Nezuko has survived Muzan’s attack and has awakened as a demon capable of competing with Muzan’s most elite demon moons.1642327192 726 Demon Hunter The 10 Luckiest Moments Ranked.webp

The fact that Nezuko survived Muzan Kibutsuji’s assault on the Kamado family home is incredible. Muzan is one of the most ruthlessly effective characters in the entire myth of the demon slayers.

He rarely makes mistakes, and when he does, he quickly sends his minions to clean up what he’s done. In Nezuko’s case, Muzan failed dramatically, leaving himself open to a future attack that would end in his own defeat.