Demon Hunter: The 10 Most Dangerous Characters

The demonsde Demon Slayer They thrive at night and can only be killed by sunlight or by a Nichirin Blade, which is a special blade that absorbs sunlight. These demons alone are very dangerous, but among them, there are some that are more than deadly, known as the Demon Moons.

These demons are the most powerful of all and they all work for the Demon King. To become so powerful, the Demonic Moons have taken blood from the Demon King, thus giving them incredible strength and powers.

10 Low Moon 1: Enmu Has The Blood Demon Art Of Sleep Manipulation

Enmu isa lower ranked moon demon who made his appearance in the rehab training arc and was the main villain of the movieMugen Train. Enmu has proven to be very dangerous with her Dream Manipulation Blood Demon Art.

With this power, Enmu can control someone’s dreams and even kill them in their sleep by destroying their spirit core. As seen in the movie, Enmu also has the ability to put anyone to sleep.

9 Upper Moon 6: Daki’s Blood Demon Art Is Obi Sash Manipulation1636798077 451 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Daki is a Demon of the Upper Moon 6 who shares this position with his brother, who is the main possessor of the Upper Moon 6. Daki’s art of the blood demon is the manipulation of Obi girdles, this power allows him to control the girdles Obi wearing.

These Obi girdles are silky smooth, yet just as sharp as the Nichirin Blades. Thanks to her connection to her brother, Daki is immune to decapitation, making her extremely dangerous to fight.

8 Upper Moon 6: Gyutaro has two dangerous blood demon arts1636798078 708 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Gyutaro is the true holder of the position of the Upper Moon 6, which he shares with his sister Daki. Gyutaro has two Blood Demon Arts, Blood Manipulation and Poison Manipulation.

With these abilities, Gyutaro can manipulate his own blood, turning his blood into slices and also using his blood to make a shield. This is not his only ability, Gyutaro can also turn his blood into a deadly poison that is fatal to anyone he infects.

7 Upper Moon 5: Gyokko has a variety of blood demon arts1636798078 887 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Gyokko is the holder of position 5 of the Upper Moon. Gyokko has a variety of abilities due to her Blood Demon Art. His main ability is that of the Magic Pots. With this power, Gyokko can manifest pots out of nowhere. Other of his abilities are the Manipulation of Aquatic Creatures, the Manipulation of Cells, the Manipulation of Water and the Teleportation.

Another powerful Blood Art Gyokka has is the Muda Transformation. With this power he can change his appearance and become stronger.

6 Upper Moon 4: Nakime can manipulate rooms with his blood demon art1636798078 204 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Nakime is the Upper Moon demon 4 that fans can see throughout the series, however, he was not always an Upper Moon demon. Nakime became a High Moon after the previous possessor was defeated.

Nakime’s blood demon art is castle manipulation. With this ability, Nakime has the power to create and shape rooms by touching her biwa. Nakime can use this ability to launch gigantic pillars at his opponents and create portals through doors.

5 Upper Moon 4: Hantengu’s cloned blood demon art is dangerous1636798078 267 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Hantengu is the former possessor of Upper Moon 4 and has a powerful Blood Demon Art. Although Hantengu is seen as quite cowardly and easily scared, he is anything but.

Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art is called Emotion Manipulation. With this ability, Hantengu can manifest his emotions in the form of clones. Each clone of his has its own personality and its own Blood Demon Art, which makes these clones very dangerous to fight.

4 Upper Moon 3: Akaza is a powerful demon with immense strength1636798078 666 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Akaza is the demon from Upper Moon 3 who made a last minute appearance in the movie by Mugen Train . Akaza is a very powerful demon with incredible strength, speed, and powers that were shown in the movie.

Another insane ability Aakza has is his rapid regeneration when his body is sliced. Akaza’s Blood Demon Art is called Destructive Death. With this power, Akaza can combine shockwaves with her martial art fighting style.

3 Upper Moon 2: Doma’s ice powers are deadly1636798079 13 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Occupying the position of Upper Moon 2 is Doma, being the second highest ranked demon, Doma is extremely powerful. Like Akaza, Doma has extreme strength, speed, and regeneration powers. The Art of the Blood Demon of Doma is called Cryokinesis, this ability allows Doma to generate ice and frost with her blood.

Furthermore, the ice generated by its power is extremely poisonous to those who inhale it. Doma can even create ice clones and creatures that have the same abilities as him.

2 Upper Moon 1: Kokushibou is the highest ranked Upper Moon demon1636798079 882 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

The highest ranking demon in the Upper Moons is Kokushibo. Before becoming a demon, Kokushibo was a powerful demon hunter. Being Upper Moon 1, Kokushibo has a list of powerful abilities, as do Doma and Akaza.

One of these abilities is to be a skilled swordsman thanks to his years as a demon hunter. His Blood Demon Art is called Cresent Moon Blades, with this ability Kokushibo can manipulate multiple sharp crescent-shaped blades.

1 Muzan Kibutsuji is the Demon King himself1636798079 22 Demon Hunter The 10 Most Dangerous Characters.webp

Muzan Kibustsu is the main villain of the entire series Demon Slayer. Muzan is the demon responsible for killing Tanjiro’s family and turning Nezuko into a demon. Being the King of Demons, Muzan has a ton of abilities, more than Kokushibou and Doma. One of these abilities includes demon blood, which he can give to any demon so that he can increase his powers.

Muzan’s blood demon art is called biokinesis, and it allows him to control his flesh and blood. Ultimately, he uses it to change his appearance and create clones of himself that are as powerful as he is.