Demon Slayer: 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With

Demon Slayer is a successful shonen action anime famous not only for its exciting combat system, but also for its incredible animation and endearing characters, such as Kyojuro Rengoku, who calls her Hashira. Kyojuro followed in his father’s footsteps and became an elite swordsman, and gave his life for justice in the Mugen Train story arc.

The Hashira usually act alone, but at one point, Giyu and Shinobu worked together to take down Rui’s spider clan, and perhaps Kyojuro could have had a partner as well, including characters from other anime series. Kyojuro needs a partner who is willing and able to fight demons, and ideally that partner has a good attitude and adequate combat skills.

10 Rukia Kuchiki Is Like A Demon Slayer (Bleach)

Demon slayers aren’t the only monster slayers in anime. the legendary shonen series Bleach features dozens of black-clad Soul Reapers who also hunt monsters with magic swords, and many of them would make a good partner for Kyojuro or the other Hashira.

Rukia Kuchiki is a powerful Soul Reaper officer with a mature attitude and decent experience hunting Hollows, and Kyojuro would be impressed. He would also appreciate Rukia’s talent for kido spells, which would give her a lot more ranged options during a tough battle. Of course, he can’t use kido by himself.

9 Benimaru Is An Awesome Swordsman (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)1643192250 166 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Benimaru is a powerful ally to Rimuru Tempest, even though they started out as enemies. Benimaru is also a loyal defender of what remains of his ogre tribe, and will gladly risk his life to protect his own from a wide variety of monsters. That’s the kind of dedication Kyojuro needs in a partner.

In battle, Benimaru is quite similar to Kyojuro, as he is a deadly swordsman with remarkable speed and fire-based techniques, not to mention his confident and boisterous attitude during combat. He and Kyojuro get along well, and watch each other’s backs as they battle the Demon Moons.

8 Captain Akitaru Obi Can Help Evacuate Innocent Bystanders (Fire Force)1643192250 834 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Captain Akitaru Obi may not have an ignite ability of his own, but he doesn’t even need one. Like Rukia and Kyojuro, Akitaru is an experienced monster hunter, and can take on powerful Hellions in close-quarters battles until someone else can finish the job, like Shinra or Maki.

Akitaru Obi is also an experienced commander and charismatic leader, which would greatly appeal to Kyojuro, who needs an ally with guts. Akitaru can keep himself safe from demons with his armor and equipment, and could also expertly evacuate civilians from a crowded area while Kyojuro fights demons. Many lives will be saved.

7 Asuma Sarutobi Has Guts And Charisma, Like Kyojuro (Naruto)1643192250 905 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

There are many characters Naruto stronger than Asuma Sarutobi, the son of the Third Hokage, but Kyojuro wants a partner he can get along with, and he needs someone who is mature, responsible, and capable of sacrificing himself if need be. Now is not the time for talented but unpredictable teenagers.

Kyojuro and Asuma would get along as friends and partners, pooling their talents to quickly track down, round up, and kill any demon that threatens peace throughout Japan. Additionally, Asuma’s ninja tricks would also help Kyojuro outsmart any demon he can’t easily overpower in battle.

6 Joseph Joestar Has Unique Tracking Abilities (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)1643192251 213 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Kyojuro and the other Hashira are good demon hunters, but from time to time, they will have trouble locating a cunning demon that wishes to elude capture. So Kyojuro will want a partner who can sniff out demons with ease, and for that he needs Joseph Joestar, the hero of the game.story arc Battle Tendency.

Joseph Joestar’s Stand, the Purple Hermit, has powers of divination, something any demon hunter would want. With the Purple Hermit and an imaging device such as a camera, Joseph is able to help Kyojuro obtain photographic evidence of any demons and determine their appearance and location.

5 Colonel Roy Mustang Has Formidable Flame Powers (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)1643192251 795 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Colonel Roy Mustang can’t permanently kill a demon with his flame-based alchemy, but he can deal great damage, and even Demon Moons will soon learn to fear his searing alchemy in battle. Roy Mustang can weaken and distract any demon with his fire, giving Kyojuro a chance to finish the battle with his sword.

Additionally, Roy can use Point Alchemy to boil water from a demon’s eyes or tongue, giving Kyojuro another chance to land the killing blow before the demon can regenerate. Even Daki and the fearsome Akaza are totally vulnerable to these attacks.

4 Kisho Arima Is The Perfect Monster Hunter (Tokyo Ghoul)1643192251 490 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Tokyo Ghoul is another popular monster hunter anime, a dark seinen action series in which CCG investigators risk their lives every day to hunt carnivorous monsters. Investigators like Akira Mado, Juzo Suzuya, and Kotaro Amon are skilled fighters, but even combined, they cannot match Kisho Arima.

Kisho is a soldier’s soldier, an icy-cold professional who seems married to his job, and who gets results. Kisho has amazing skill as a ghoul hunter, and given a Nichirin sword, he could definitely help Kyojuro wipe out all of the Demon Moons. Together, they would take down Akaza in the blink of an eye.

3 Tenzin’s Airbending Can Save Lives (The Legend of Korra)1643192251 573 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Tenzin is a master airbender, and airbending can help Kyojuro Rengoku in many ways. During a battle, Tenzin can use his airbending to quickly draw innocent bystanders away from demons, and if a demon tries to flee, Tenzin can drag it back with a current of air.

All of this would make Kyojuro’s job a lot easier, especially since Kyojuro has no ranged options of his own, while Tenzin has many. It also helps that Tenzin is brave and self-confident, while also mature and well-composed.

2 Asuna Yuuki Is Skilled With A Sword (Sword Art Online)1643192251 750 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Asuna Yuuki and her lover, Kirito, are reliable and trustworthy allies in any fight, and both survived the Aincrad story arc together despite the odds. Asuna is a bit easier to like than the moody Kirito, and if they met, Kyojuro would definitely take a liking to her.

Asuna is a caring and responsible young woman who will risk her life to defend the innocent from monsters, and will gladly join Kyojuro in hunting down some demons once she is given a Nichirin sword of her own. He would also wear the demon slayer uniform with pride.

1 Kento Nanami sabe lo que hace (Jujutsu Kaisen)1643192251 919 Demon Slayer 10 Anime Characters Kyojuro Rengoku Would Work With.webp

Kento Nanami is a bit too grumpy and jaded for Kyojuro’s liking, but as a responsible demon hunter, Kyojuro would put aside his personal feelings and fully cooperate with Kentaro if they ended up on a team together. After all, Kento is a fellow monster hunter, just like Rukia, Akitaru, and Kisho.

Kento has an attitude, but his abilities are real, and only the most powerful curses stand a chance against his 7/3 combat style. Kento is smart, practical, and deadly on a mission, and that’s the kind of partner Kyojuro needs as he hunts down the Demon Moons.