Demon Slayer: 10 best episodes to watch again

Demon Slayer has dominated in the last two years. The series immediately built on a fan base thanks to its story centering on two brothers teaming up to fight demons and beautifully drawn battle scenes.

Demon Slayer has attracted more fans and released the highest-grossing anime film of 2020, which has grossed more than US $ 500 million. It’s always a pleasure to rewatch the episodes that got fans hooked in the first place.

10 “Cruelty” hooks you like no other

The first episode of any series is important because it can further hook or separate a potential fan at the end of the show. The episode “Cruelty” is the perfect example to capture the attention of the public, as it opens with a desperate-looking Tanjiro who tries to carry his injured sister, Nezuko.

At the time, he is unaware of how affected she is by the demon’s bite, but his strong desire to save her is palpable. It is this very yearning that prompts Tanjiro to use all his strength to protect her against Giyu, the Hashira of Water, and to begin training to become a Demon Hunter.

9 “Sabito & Makomo” reminds Tanjiro that he is not alone1639477360 402 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

Like any other shonen anime, Tanjiro has many traits that fans admire about him. One of her best traits is her proactive nature when it comes to her goal of finding a cure for Nezuko. But he’s also determined to be self-sufficient, taking it all on his own.

The episode “Sabito and Makomo” teaches Tanjiro to learn from others when faced with the seemingly impossible task of cutting a giant rock. It’s safe to say that Tanjiro wouldn’t have become the excellent swordsman that he is if it weren’t for Sabito and Makomo’s support.

8 The satisfying revenge in “Final Selection”1639477360 606 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

At first, the cards appeared to be against Tanjiro in the episode “Final Selection”, as he is ordered to survive a week on Mount Fujikasane while fighting the demons that are trapped there. Luckily, his years of practice and Sakonji Urokodaki’s tutelage help him instinctively advance.

However, the appearance of a transformed demon instills another kind of fear. The transformed demon does not hide his bloodthirsty mission to eliminate all the children of Urokodaki. So it was more than satisfying to see Tanjiro take revenge on his predecessors and ultimately make Urokodaki proud.

7 The Disconcerting Appearance of “Muzan Kibutsuji”1639477360 132 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

The main villain, Muzan Kibutsuji, in Demon Slayer, is the powerful but elusive leader of the demons for a very good reason. His unique blood type, which gives strength to other demons, puts him at the top, while his ability to blend in with humans makes him difficult to catch.

When Tanjiro learns of his identity, he is surprised not only to smell Kibutsuji, but also to accidentally meet him. Tanjiro has to face the unfortunate reality that Kibutsuji is not like any other demon, as he is too fast and powerful to fight on his own.

6 “The house with the coat of arms of the Wisteria family” allows you to rest and recover1639477361 327 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

Despite all the fierce battles and encounters against demons, the series continues to remind viewers that while all the characters are strong, they are still human in the end. Which means they are prone to injury. Or, in this picture, broken ribs.

The episode “The House With The Wisteria Family Crest” puts a pause in the fighting so that Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke have time to rest and fully recover. This is very necessary for the trio because the following episodes put them to the test.

5 “The boar shows its fangs, Zenitsu sleeps” reveals Zenitsu’s abilities1639477361 323 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

Zenitsu is certainly a character that many can underestimate – and probably have – which makes sense because, in his first appearance, he is seen crying and trying to shirk his responsibilities as a demon hunter. He is also in a constant state of fear. Unlike Tanjiro, Zenitsu did not intend to pick up a sword against demons, much less join the Demon Hunter Corps.

Only through his grandfather’s hard training and discipline. “The boar shows its fangs, Zenitsu sleeps” reveals a hidden side of him and the method of Breath of Thunder. To the surprise of all fans, Zenitsu proves to be stronger and faster than he appears. Unfortunately, this only happens when you are sleeping.

4 The “Gathering of the Hashira” brings out the Hashira1639477361 905 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

The highest ranking members of the Demon Hunter Corps are called Hashira. They are known to be the most skilled swordsmen. Giyu is the first Hashira to appear, but it’s easy to see that she’s on a level far above Tanjiro.

His elite abilities are just a testament to how hard he and the rest of the Hashira work to help in the war against demons. This episode paints a bigger picture of the mighty and eccentric warriors taking on the most dangerous missions.

3 Zenitsu Unveils a New Level of Power in “You Must Master One Thing”1639477361 903 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

It’s impossible to mention Zenitsu without talking about his most epic scene in the series. Fans can witness her in the episode “You Must Master One Thing”, where she unleashes the sixfold version of her attack called Thunder Breath, First Form: Thunder Clap and Lightning. This prompts him to perform a lightning-fast Zenitsu that resembles a blur of gold as he accelerates until he finally kills the poisonous spider demon.

The title also takes on a different meaning related to Zenitsu, because although he could only execute the first form of Breath of Thunder, his grandfather encouraged him to master it as well as possible.

2 Tanjiro’s mental strength is really put to the test in “Move Forward”1639477362 339 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

It’s no secret that Tanjiro is willing to go above and beyond to improve. Whether through intense physical exercises or training to expand his lungs, Tanjiro does not shy away from any challenge. The Mugen Train Bow episode “Move Forward” challenges him in a new way: through his unconscious mind.

It takes a great deal of mental strength for Tanjiro to overcome this because, in order to fight Enmu, he must resist the Art of the Blood Demon that tries to put him to sleep.

1 “Hinokami” demonstrates the excellent teamwork of the Kamado brothers1639477362 621 Demon Slayer 10 best episodes to watch again.webp

Tanjiro’s water breathing method is a hypnotic swordsmanship technique, but ultimately deadly (at least for demons). But even with his abilities, Tanjiro comes to trust Nezuko and his enhanced abilities throughout the series, especially when it comes to keeping humans safe. “Hinokami” shows the combined effort of Tanjiro and Nezuko in the most monumental way, making fans want more.

Remembering his father’s special breathing techniques, Tanjiro uses them to create Hinokami Kagura: Dance that merges with Nezuko’s new powers in battle against a manipulative demon named Rui. Needless to say, their parents would be proud of them.