Demon Slayer: 3 details that will make you see the anime differently

Demon Slayer is one of the anime of the moment and the success of the film The Infinity Train around the world is proof of that. If you have seen all of season 1 you may have noticed some details… Or not? In any case, Tanjiro’s story still has a lot to tell and unveil, like these three details.

Tanjiro’s Scar

At the beginning of the story of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro possesses a scorch mark on the left of his forehead, but this stain does not remain as it is after the Final Selection arc and his encounter with the Hand Demon. But this change is not a coincidence or an error, it is an evolution of the character. He becomes a better demon slayer as the plot progresses and gains power. The shape of the scar changes several times throughout its evolution.

Giyu and Sabito carry the same symbols


If each character of Demon Slayer has its own style (with the exception of Shinobu Kocho and Kanao Tsuyuri), there are two identical clothing models in Giyu and Sabito. And for a very specific reason. If readers of the manga already know why their style is similar, those who only watch the anime are not there yet. Everything is revealed later in the story… Nothing is left to chance in Demon Slayer.

Very special earrings


Everyone obviously noticed Tanjiro’s earrings, they are unmissable! They also have an important and special place in Demon Slayer and in Tanjiro’s story. He inherited them from his father, who died shortly before the Kamado family massacre. These earrings also have a very particular resonance in Muzan Kibutsuji who had met in the past a demon slayer wearing the same ones… That’s why he sends two demons in pursuit of Tanjiro when he notices them in his ears.

These earrings therefore have a strong symbolism, and did not reveal all their secrets in the anime… And for the little anecdote, they were controversial in reality: the symbol looks like a rising sun, which was the pattern used by Japan during World War II when it colonized other Asian countries. In many Asian countries it still recalls the war crimes of the Japanese army.

According to the Kotaku website the producers of Demon Slayer we decided to modify the design in the countries concerned:


3 subtle but important details… And which proves that Demon Slayer hasn’t revealed all its secrets yet!

Romain Cheyron

Romain Cheyron

Journalist – Head of News