Demon Slayer: 5 Reasons Nezuko Is The Best

Nezuko, the adorable Demon Slayer, has stolen the hearts of fans for five main reasons.

Tanjiro Kamado is possibly the main character of Demon Slayer, but in many ways her younger sister Nezuko is much more of an icon. With her pastel pink eyes and matching pink kimono, the pretty demonic girl certainly surpasses her Demon Slayer sister in charm. Although Nezuko is largely silent due to his bamboo muzzle, his character shines through his actions and adorable antics.

After his family was killed by a demon, Nezuko and Tanjiro became the last Kamados. Nezuko herself became a demon during the incident, but by some inexplicable miracle she was able to overcome her killer instincts and protect her brother. Since then, Nezuko has stolen the hearts of fans for five main reasons.

Nezuko is a pacifist and protector

Even if pushed to the limit, Nezuko will never eat a human, even when Sanemi Shinazugawa attempts to tempt her with his own blood. No demon has shown so much restraint as her, especially considering that normally they cannot live without feeding on humans. Instead of harming humans, Nezuko recovers his energy by sleeping, and has even been dormant once for two years in a row while Tanjiro trained.

Yet, peaceful as Nezuko is, she can be pushed into a fight, especially when protecting Tanjiro or innocent humans. Nezuko punches – or rather kicks – her enemies, as she forcefully brings her leg down on the demons. As she has regenerative powers due to the fact that she is a demon herself, she often serves as a shield, taking blows for more fragile humans.

Nezuko gives hope to everyone

Nezuko Brings Hope to Everyone

Although Nezuko spends a lot of time hidden in a small box on Tanjiro’s back as he pursues his quests, she is the reason he decided to become a Demon Slayer. He’s not there for revenge, but because his sister gives him hope to continue. They are inseparable, as they remind each other of their home and the possibility of a happy and peaceful future. He will stop at nothing to find a cure for the demon’s curse, or die trying.

Nezuko gives Tanjiro hope, but also inspires others to believe that there is hope for demons to become human again or to stop consuming humans. Demons are a constant torment to the world, destroying both innocent civilians and trained demon slayers. Others, astonished by his docile nature, like Sakonji and Oyakata-sama, leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, see Nezuko as a chance to restore humanity.

Despite being a demon, humans are Nezuko’s family

Demon Slayer Nezuko

During his two-year sleep, Tanjiro’s water breathing master watched over Nezuko and subtly influenced his subconscious, instilling in him the idea that all humans are like his family. She demonstrates this effective feeling whenever she meets a new human to protect, often seeing a flashback from her mother and siblings to remember it.

This endearing point of view also extends to the kind demons she and Tanjiro have encountered, Tamayo and Yushiro. Nezuko even pats Yushiro on the head like he’s his little brother. The powerful family love that emanates from Nezuko is such a beautiful trait to attribute to a character. The fact that her entire family except Tanjiro was killed is a poignant reason her family gaze is so sincere. Even without talking, she’s easily one of the friendliest and kindest characters in the entire series. Demon Slayer, while being a demon herself.

Nezuko is very powerful!

Demon Slayer Nezuko Combat

While Nezuko is very sleepy and passive most of the time, she can also be a fierce fighter alongside her brother. She has never received formal training like Tanjiro, but just being a demon gives her powerful advantages in combat. His physical strength is powerful, which allows him to strike down demons or even tear their heads off. For never having feasted on a human, Nezuko’s power is remarkable and rivals even that of a higher ranked demon. The Little Warrior can also activate a Blood Demon Art, allowing her to ignite her blood into deadly pink flames that only damage demons.

Additionally, Nezuko gets along well with others when fighting in a group, often lending a hand to Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenjitsu when the forces seem overwhelming. But unlike his human comrades, Nezuko can also regenerate, allowing him to quickly replace severed limbs and repair damage. This ability allows him to embark on a frantic race like no human could. Just because she’s seemingly gentle doesn’t mean that she is in combat – and her powers only increase as she goes. Demon Slayer is progressing. This fierce, yet gentle girl is the ultimate oxymoron.

Nezuko is so adorable that she has become a “meme”

Demon Slayer Nezuko

While all of these qualities make Nezuko a treasure, it’s only her cuteness that makes her the darling of the Demon Slayer. With a pink bow in her long hair and an innocent look, her delicate design and manners are incredibly adorable. While some might think his demonic powers would lessen his tenderness, it is exactly the opposite. As a demonic ability, Nezuko can shrink into a tiny, chibi-like shape, allowing him to crawl into small places and dodge enemy attacks. Its normal size is small, but when it shrinks, it can become as small as a doll.

The soft form of Nezuko became so popular among fans that “smol Nezuko” memes began to circulate. The series also amplifies her tenderness by enlivening her with exaggerated expressions when she is confused, embarrassed or excited. It is impossible to watch Demon Slayer without saying “aww” when Nezuko appears on the screen, she is too cute!