Demon Slayer: 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons (& 5 We Don’t)

There are many moments throughout demon slayer in which the audience is encouraged to see things from the devil’s point of view. This is largely due to Tanjiro Kamado’s sympathetic and thoughtful personality, as well as his sister’s demon status. The pain and struggle of being a demon and needing to consume blood to live is often overlooked, but many do so to survive.

As demon slayer As it progresses, fans have moments where they are meant to feel sorry for these demons and vilify them for the horrible acts they commit. In the end, viewers should fear them as much as pity them.

10 Did: When Rui Was Cruel To His Brothers

There is much tragedy in both the demon and demon slayer ranks. Death, loss of loved ones, injuries and traumas are common. Sometimes demons don’t deserve what happens to them even though they depend on eating humans to survive. One such case was that of the moon Rui’s pseudo family of spider demons.

Rui created a toxic and abusive environment and killed several members of the spider family. If a member went against Rui or tried to escape, he had them killed in a horrible way. This is exactly what happened to his “his sister” and probably countless others.

9 They Didn’t: When Muzan Killed The Kamado Family1644746508 603 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

One of the most tragic and difficult moments to see in demon slayer was the death of the members of the Kamado family. Although not shown on screen, the carnage was evident. Tanjiro, the eldest son, comes home to find his family completely slaughtered, except for his sister Nezuko, who has been turned into a demon.

No one felt bad for the demons at that time. Tanjiro had had everything he loved taken away from him and fans had just seen how kind, caring and selfless Tanjiro was. He certainly did not deserve such an awful spectacle.

8 Did: When Rui’s Parents Tried To Kill Him1644746508 341 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

When Muzan turns someone into a demon, he often manipulates that new demon as well. When they take their first steps as demons, they are left to fend for themselves, which leads to tragedies. Both Tamayo and Rui were victims of this. Rui killed his parents because they tried to kill him for being a demon and Tamayo killed his family in a demonic frenzy.

Rui was a tragic character, but his decisions as a demon were so bad that he had to die. Still, fans can’t help but feel that Rui fell victim to Muzan just as much as the others fell victim to Rui.

7 Didn’t: When Rengoku Was Killed1644746509 134 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

Warning! There are spoilers in this post!

Another of the saddest moments of the franchise demon slayer it occurred during the Infinity Train arc. The hashira of the flame, Kyojuro Rengoku, was killed by the demon Akaza, one of the strongest of the demon moons of Muzan, after intense combat.

fans ofdemon slayer Rengoku had grown to be loved and even enjoyed great popularity as a character on the internet, but the sad truth is that he left Tanjiro to pick up the pieces.

6 Did: When Demons Were Just Trying To Survive1644746509 30 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

The tragic truth of being a demon is that they depend on human blood to live and fight. For most of them, not eating humans is unthinkable, firstly because the impulse is undignified, and secondly because it takes an incredibly special demon to be able to survive without ever tasting human blood. Once a demon has tasted it, there is no going back.

So for most of these demons, eating humans is necessary for survival, although some have found less intrusive ways to obtain their nutrition. Although it is their job to find a less deadly means of obtaining their nutrition, it is sad to see them being killed for what is ostensibly necessary.

5 Not: When Rui Coveted Nezuko And Tajiro’s Relationship1644746509 896 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

When Tanjiro faced Rui, he was alone (except for Nezuko, whose consciousness was not always reliable). Fortunately, Rui was not one of the strongest of the demon moons. However, he was so strong that he almost killed Tanjiro and Nezuko. He seemed like he had a thing for Tanjiro and this was due to her relationship with his sister.

Rui missed having a family due to the trauma he experienced after becoming a devil and having to kill his own family. So he took it out on Tanjiro and Nezuko, especially after Nezuko tried to defend her brother.

4 Did: When Nezuko Was In Pain1644746509 995 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

Nezuko and Tanjiro were the only survivors of the Kamado family. However, Nezuko turned into a demon during that encounter. On top of all the pain Nezuko suffered as a human turned demon, the hunters never believed her. Both she and Tanjiro had to fight tooth and nail to prove her innocence and even she had to endure being stabbed by a hachira.

Nezuko was a special demon. He did not consume human blood, but healed himself by sleeping. She had special powers by not consuming human blood.

3 Not: When It Was Revealed That He Had Eaten Kazumi’s Financier1644746510 578 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

The reality of demons having to eat humans is sad, but the reality of humans having to be eaten is even sadder. Tanjiro experienced this firsthand when he attempted to find and save a villager who was Kazumi’s fiancé. The fiancé, whose name was Satoko, was kidnapped in the night by the Swamp Demon.

This was one of Tajiro’s first encounters with demons in the real world (outside of training exercises and trials to enter the Hunter Corps) and it was his first real mission.

2. Did: When Tamayo was an antagonist1644746510 875 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

Tamayo finds himself in a precarious position as a demon. She is sought after by hunters and demons alike, as she has had a troubled past with Muzan, but she is also a demon. Luckily, Ella Tamayo has the help of Yushiro and, occasionally, Tanjiro. Tamayo is a likeable character because she is a healer and she even healed Tanjiro who is a hunter.

On the other hand, Tamayo was also attacked by some of the demon moons sent by Muzan. Tamayo is a likeable character who is constantly forced to hide.

1 Didn’t: When Muzan Was Abusive To Everyone1644746510 249 Demon Slayer 5 Times We Feel Bad About Demons.webp

Muzan is considered the strongest of the demons, but he is also a terrible person despite his reasons for doing what he does. He is cruel not only to humans, but also to other demons, and he is quick to kill both them and any hunters he crosses paths with.

Muzan is also a sadist, turning humans into demons both to bolster their strength and to subject them to deep moments of pain. He convinced Rui to become a demon, and so he pulled the strings that led Rui to kill his family. He turned Nezuko into a demon for no reason other than being a villain.