Demon Slayer: A surprising character in the “The Pleasure District” arc

An unexpected character causes a sensation in the Arc ” The pleasure district“, While the search for Tengen Uzui’s wives officially begins.

WARNING : The following contains spoilers for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2, Episode 9, currently streaming.

Now that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has truly begun, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu find themselves completely out of their element in this vast city of desire and gluttony. As the dumbfounded young demon slayers explore this new environment, transforming Tengen Uzui from Hashira to babysitter, it’s clear the boys will find it hard to contain their wonder and shock enough to lead to well their mission. Yet surprisingly, it is Inosuke Hashibira who adapts to the Pleasure District the fastest, making him the most valuable of Tengen’s new minions.

Inosuke was raised by a wild boar in a remote mountain, so his wild nature and uncivilized demeanor seem ill-suited to this bustling city. At first, he’s so overwhelmed by events that he pushes his way through the crowd, like a trapped animal trying to escape, forcing Tengen to chase him down. Once the group has settled into a Wisteria House, they seem to have adjusted enough to focus on Tengen’s plan. Though his skepticism about the survival of Tengen’s women earns him a punch in the stomach, he accepts Tengen’s mission by disguising himself as a girl to infiltrate the house where Tengen’s wife, Makio, has disappeared. .

Tanjiro and Zenitsu were surprised by Inosuke’s unexpected beauty and femininity when they first met, but her bizarre appearance serves Tengen’s goals perfectly. Tanjiro and Zenitsu are considered quite ugly when dressed up as women, but the people who greet Inosuke, aka Inoko, are delighted with “her” beautiful face when they take off “her” hideous makeup. The savage demon slayer never seemed too crazy about his appearance, but he’s smart enough to use it to his advantage now.

Inosuke’s wild demeanor and general impatience seem to make him a poor choice for undercover work. However, Tanjiro contorts his face into a horrifying expression due to his inability to lie as Zenitsu vows to become the tallest Oiran in town out of spite for Tengen. Meanwhile, Inosuke moves quietly, heeding Tengen’s advice to remain silent lest his voice betray him, and even slows his pace when pointed out that a decent lady isn’t running.

Inosuke Inosuke

Inosuke’s hard work allows him to quickly find a lead regarding Makio’s whereabouts, while Tanjiro almost betrayed himself by being overly curious and Zenitsu hasn’t even started looking. Considering Tanjiro’s dedication to any mission and Zenitsu’s experience with civilized behavior and contemporary societies, it’s a wonder that Inosuke is in the best position to locate one of Tengen’s wives. Inosuke generally prefers to solve his problems with his swords, so it remains to be seen how long he will continue to do a good job before ditching Tengen’s plan for his own.

It is not known if Makio is being held in the same house as Inosuke, but he seems to have found the first lead and it only took him one night. Perhaps Inosuke’s unexpected dedication to Tengen’s plan is due to his admiration for the Hashira, who is quite on his level and who shares Inosuke’s habit of making bold statements about his abilities and his status. But it looks like time is running out for Makio, as there is no indication that Tengen’s other wives are still alive. It’s a race against time for Inosuke and the others to complete their missions before someone remarks how obvious they are not girls.