Demon Slayer: A tattoo reveals Nezuko Kamado’s pain at becoming a demon

You will have already noticed that we love to show you different styles of fan art, that is why this time we will show you an incredible tattoo, which we believe will be to your liking.

We talked about a tattoo artist who was previously among our posts, and since his works are so good at doing tattoos about the world of anime, we have decided to show you a little more about his works.

His art form is through the skin, and through his strokes he shows us incredible creations with an enormous resemblance and impeccable work, that is why, as we have learned, his agenda is always active.

It is about a boy who lives in Canada, and whom we have had the fortune to find through Instagram.

This tattoo artist, named Evans Edy, not only loves his work, but apparently he is also a big fan of the anime world and has a wide variety of works done, which we can see through his user evans_edy, in which today it has almost 16 thousand followers.

The artist manages to capture in great detail in his work that he divided into three spaces, as if it were a manga page, to the consent of many, Nezuko Kamado and one of the protagonists of Demon Slayer.

In the first frame, we can see the two faces of the girl, where half of her face is seen in tears, while she is still human and undergoes transformation, in the other half, we can see how her eyes change the pupil to look like a demon.

In the second frame, we see her furiously and the piece of bamboo that was tied to her mouth, to prevent her from biting a human.

In the third and last frame, we can see how she looks when she is calm, without the aggressive features and the piece of bamboo on her lips.

It is evident that this transformation has caused great pain to the girl, who lost her family in the attack that turned her into a demon.

Now it’s just up to his brother Plate, who takes care of her and tries to help her become human again.

This tattoo is done mainly in black ink and shades of gray, but it has pink details in the eyes of Nezuko, as well as in his clothes and the ribbon he wears on his head.

We believe that showing the emotions of the characters in an extremely detailed way is an incredible skill, that is why we consider it a piece worth admiring in detail, due to how well its work is done.

We will continue publishing attractive works of some tattooists, keep in touch, and if you like them, please let us know, continue in eGames News.