Demon Slayer And My Hero Academia Somehow Fulfilled A Fan’s Prediction Years Ago

demon slayer is one of the biggest shonen series, and it’s far from the only hit on the air these days. Other heavyweights like My hero university are far from over, so of course there are those who will pit the pair against each other. It’s been going on since 2019 and now a fan’s prediction of both shows is going viral thanks to its prophetic take.

The note in question is quite dated as it was posted on Twitter in 2019. It is from PS360HD2 on the heels of Devil Killer‘s, and they had the following part at the time: “Bro Demon Slayer is set to take over for the next few years, My hero university will only gradually get worse these next arcs in the anime, while Kimetsu literally from arc to arc only raises the stakes and gradually becomes more fire. β€œ

As you can imagine, this take was pretty hot given the huge My hero university was in 2019. The series is still a monster in terms of ratings, but fans expected it to improve over time. However, a mixture of things posed My hero university moo. The show’s fifth season failed to impress with its mix-match arcs, and Studio Bones was criticized for its animation. Fans are now feeling nervous about season six in light of this slippage, so this fan’s tweet reads too close to home.

And of course their prediction on demon slayer come true and then some. The anime was a hit in its first season, but its reputation has since skyrocketed. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of Japan’s highest-grossing IPs over the past decade, and its debut film is now the highest-grossing animated feature in the world. Season two holds its banner high with little to no fumbling. So if Twitter wants to make a prediction about the state of anime in 2025, fans better tweet.

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