Demon Slayer announces special event for season 3

After a successful second season, demon slayer not only did it see Tanjiro, Nezuko and company relive the events of the Mugen Train, where the story that helped give the Shonen series the movie of anime number one of all time, but also saw young demon hunters take part in the Entertainment District Arc to fight the nefarious brothers Gyutaro and Daki.

Now, with the third season of the popular anime adaptation planning to hit the small screen next year, the Ufotable series is planning a new event to reveal new information about the upcoming stories coming to the screen.

The next event is scheduled to arrive this coming Saturday, December 10 in Japan, suggesting that more details will be coming about the anime’s version of the Swordsmith Village Arc, after the second season introduced fans to both Flame and Sound Hashiras.

Now, the third season will focus on Love and Mist Hashirasthough there could be a few other prominent demon slayers in the spotlight depending on how far the third season goes in relation to the manga. sleeve of Shonen coming to an end, fans are wondering how many additional seasons and/or movies Tanjiro and his friends will get before reaching its end.

The official Demon Slayer Twitter account shared the news that a new televised event will be held on December 10 in Japan, and while it may not be broadcast simultaneously in America and around the world.

This might not be the only big event for the Demon Slayer anime this month, as the Shonen series is also planning to have a role in it. jump party, the main event that mainly focuses on Shonen franchises. While the series promised that a new trailer is on the way, anime fans who are following Tanjiro and the Demon Slayer Corps might also get a release date for the anime’s return from Ufotable, as it has been hinted to arrive in early September. 2023, if we’re lucky.