Demon Slayer: Arc Train of Infinity Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has set a Blu-ray release date for the TV version of the Infinity Train arc seen in the second season of the anime series! The anime’s second season returned for new episodes last fall, but it started out much differently than fans expected. Rather than embarking on new episodes taken from series creator Koyoharu Gotoge’s original manga, the second season began with seven episodes picking up the Infinity Train arc, first seen in the movie Train. of Infinity released the previous year.

While fans are currently waiting for the anime’s third season in the works, Aniplex of America has announced that Demon Slayer: Infinity Train will be released in limited and standard release on Blu-ray on September 27th. This edition includes all seven episodes of the arc seen during the second season (including the all-new episode featuring a new Rengoku story not seen in the previous film). Bonuses vary from edition to edition, but both will include Japanese and French audio versions when they launch.

The Infinity Train Arc

Aniplex of America announces that Demon Slayer: Infinity Train as such, “Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku receives new orders: Go to the Infinity Train, where more than forty people have disappeared, and conduct an investigation. Leaving the headquarters of the Demon Slayer Army, he embarks on this new mission. Tanjiro’s group, who have just completed their training at the Butterfly Mansion, also travel to their next mission, the Infinity Train. There they have an appointment with Rengoku, who arrived before them. In this train that speeds through the darkness, a new battle is about to begin.

Demon Slayer is currently working on the next arc of the anime series, Blacksmiths’ Village Arc, which has yet to set a concrete release date as of yet. This next arc takes the fight even further than the events of the Infinity Train and Entertainment District arcs seen in the second season, and brings new Hashira, stronger demons, and more.