Demon Slayer: Asian model brings Nezuko to life as a schoolgirl

One of the great advantages of the world of cosplay is that there is a lot of material to cut thanks to the infinity of intellectual properties that exist in pop culture, among them the genre of manga and anime, which is the protagonist of this new cosplay which is inspired by demon slayer.

In addition to the success he had in his version of the manga, demon slayer established itself as one of the most successful anime franchises in recent years thanks to its television series, which inevitably is also reflected in the panorama of cosplayers, who do not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to the characters in the work of Koyoharu Gotōgelike the great cosplay what we bring you today

Demon Slayer: Asian model brings Nezuko to life as a schoolgirl

This time, a great cosplay arrives from the beautiful asian model, @rynna0809who has given life in a cute cosplay to the schoolgirl nezuko. It is a non-canonical version of Nezuko, where the fandom has imagined her wearing a contemporary schoolgirl uniform, and the cosplayer has taken it upon herself to bring it to real life.

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In case you are not familiar with the history of demon slayer, this occurs in Japan, at the beginning of the 20th century, in the Taishō era. Where there is a legend that mentions that strange creatures attack people at night to eat them.

Tanjirou Kamado is a young man from a humble village in the mountains, far from civilization, who after the death of his father, becomes the support of his mother and younger brothers through the sale of coal. One day, returning home, Tanjiro is greeted by a horrible scene: his mother and his brothers were brutally murdered and his sister Nezuko, who was the only one who was saved from dying, was turned into a Demon.

Tanjiro joins an organization dedicated to the extermination of these creatures with the dual goal of avenging his family and finding a way to restore Nezuko to her humanity.