Demon Slayer: at what age can we see the animated series?

Clement Cusseau


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The arrival of the “Demon Slayer” series on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will introduce it to a wider audience; at what age can we watch the new hit anime?

Since November 1, subscribers to the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video platforms have been able to (re) discover the first season of the Japanese animated series Demon Slayer. Adapted from the best-selling manga by Koyoharu Gotōge (19 volumes available from Panini Manga editions), the anime follows the adventures of a young demon hunter and his older sister Nezuko, who became an undead after being the target of ‘a creature of the night.

Broadcasting a series on a streaming platform such as Netflix or Amazon generally allows it to make itself known to a new audience and increase its notoriety. A phenomenon that particularly concerned One Punch Man and Attack on Titan, which have become real popular phenomena thanks to their broadcast on Netflix.

The arrival of Demon Slayer on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also raises the question of the target audience. While cartoons often have the reputation of being children’s programs (which is obviously a simplistic and totally wrong shortcut), Japanese productions are often the exception. Because let’s be clear: Demon Slayer is NOT a children’s series, for several reasons.

The first is due to its history; Opening on the massacre of a family, the plot then follows the adventures of a duo formed by a young boy and his sister become an undead. Although she is not as fierce as the other demons in the series, this one nevertheless has bloodthirsty impulses and it is to prevent her from devouring humans that her mouth is permanently hampered by a piece of wood. .

In addition to the presence of more or less misshapen demons, the series also features bloody battles. Without falling into the abundance of gore, Demon Slayer includes many bloody duels, a form of violence certainly aestheticized but which could nevertheless disturb viewers sensitive to jets of hemoglobin.

Demon Slayer at what age can we see the animated

What the kids will like

  • The Quest for a Pure-Hearted Hero
  • Humor, especially through Inosuke
  • Iconic fights that amaze you

What they will hate

  • A dark and macabre tone
  • Terrible and bloodthirsty demons
  • An omnipresent violence although aestheticized

The first season of the animated series Demon Slayer is available on the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video platforms.