Demon Slayer, Back 4 Blood, House of Ashes: the 3 video games of the week

Samurai who draw their katana with Demon Slayer, survivors ready to do battle with zombies in Back 4 Blood and soldiers who point their guns at the evil entities of House of Ashes. Here are the three video games we recommend this week, a few days before Halloween.

This selection was made between the editorial staff of CNEWS and the editorial staff of Jeux Vidéo Magazine.

Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles

A real hit on the Wakanim streaming platform and on the manga shelves of bookstores, the Demon Slayer series is timely on consoles for the holidays and the launch of the second season of the anime. We therefore find Tanjiro, the famous demon slayer, his sister Nezuko as well as their friends Zenitsu and Hinosuke, who will take out their katanas to do battle with the beings from the darkness.

In this explosive fighting game where the main characters of the saga face off in a duel, fans will appreciate the intensity of the fights. We can blame him for a story mode that is content to retrace only the events of season 1 of the series and the film The infinity train, released in theaters last summer. Remains a well-calibrated game to follow the universe of Demon Slayer and have fun thanks to the staging of spectacular duels.

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles, Sega, sur PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One et PC.

Back 4 Blood

Not everyone had the chance to play Left 4 Dead in 2008 or its sequel a year later… Even if it succeeds a World War Z on the same theme, Back 4 Blood (from the same creators as L4D) returns to its origins by offering a multiplayer experience under the sign of cooperation. Forget the scenario. Here, four heroes / heroines must survive hordes of zombies, period. No open world here, but extended levels that it will take, guns in hand, to attempt to cross. The missions can vary: rescue of survivors, transport of packages (one of the players then has his hands taken and cannot use a weapon), crossing an area densely populated by stiffs … there is something to do and coordination between the different members of the team quickly becomes essential. If you don’t like talking to your neighbor, go your way.

To try to survive it is necessary to palaver, discuss, debate… under penalty of seeing the game over arrive quite quickly. Unless you play in “easy” mode, going through each level is intense. You have to find care, ammunition and other essentials for your progress. Added to this is a card / perk system allowing the characters to obtain assets that will need to be chosen carefully before each mission. A way to bring a touch of originality to a concept which in fine remains ultra classic… for those who knew Left 4 Dead at least. For others, the vast majority of players will only have to find a handful of friends to face this fun and gory end of the world.

Back 4 Blood, Warner Bros. Games, sur Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 et PC.

The Dark Pictures Anthology : House of Ashes

Direction Mesopotamia, 2000 years before our era! For this third opus of its Dark Pictures Anthology, the British studio SuperMassive changes the setting and register for its new horrific tale. After a long introduction, the story propels us into 2003 in the middle of the war in Iraq. House of Ashes is inspired by real historical elements. There, a squad of Marines goes in search of supposed chemical weapons buried in the country of Saddam Hussein. But that’s something else that awaits them once underground … No need to say more about the plot which is inspired by Sumerian myths around the demon Pazuzu and the hell called “house of ashes”.

As for the change of scenery, this episode does the job. What to mark the difference with the first two opus even if the game mechanics remain more or less the same. Cinematographic staging and QTE (you have to press a button at the right time) constitute the very essence of this title which, once again, offers multiple scriptwriting branches. Many dialogues punctuate these underground peregrinations. You have to choose the answer you want to give, often in a limited time, in order to orient the story but also the relationships between the characters. Where House of Ashes stands out is that it puts a lot more emphasis on the possibility of doing nothing. Not acting or saying nothing constitutes an action in itself and can also have consequences … sometimes happy! Just because the game prompts you to press a button doesn’t mean it should. Beyond the jump scares (you have to play with headphones), House of Ashes manages to create a real tension at the same time as an atmosphere. So admittedly, the character modeling is uneven, the staging sometimes curious and the action sequences a bit sluggish, but despite that, the formula still works. We hang, to have the end of the story as well as to discover which characters will survive this journey into the heart of oriental mythologies.

The Dark Pictures Anthology : House of Ashes, Bandai Namco, sur PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One et PC.