Demon Slayer celebrates Nezuko’s birthday with special trailer

The fans of demon slayer have been surprised with a new special celebration of one of its protagonists, it is about Nezuko Kamadoone of the favorite characters from the anime series.

At the moment, Kimetsu no Yaiba is preparing to return with the highly anticipated third season of the anime set to arrive in a few months, so the franchise is helping to highlight Nezuko’s role in all of this with a special new trailer to celebrate her birthday.

And it is that, after the great success that the first two seasons of the anime and the film debut of the franchise have had, sleeve original from Koyoharu Gotoge were some of the most successful anime releases in recent years, so it’s hard not to see why the franchise has become such a hit when you look at all of the characters in action.

The sister of Tanjirois one of the pillars of the franchise in general as a demon that has not completely succumbed to its basic instincts, in fact, the journey of the boys began with the search for some way to save her, but Nezuko has contributed to some of the biggest moments we’ve seen in the anime to date.

This is the case for her role in the manga as well, and a special trailer highlighting some of her biggest scenes was released for her birthday, which falls on December 28 in Japan today.

Demon Slayer is preparing to return with a new season that addresses the arc of Swordsmith Village of the manga, slated to premiere sometime in April as part of the spring 2023 anime re-release schedule. The third season will feature much bigger fights against much stronger enemies than we’ve seen in the anime so far.

But that also means there’s plenty of time to catch up on the series before the new episodes arrive, so remember that you can find both seasons of the anime and the Mugen Train movie through Crunchyroll’s catalog.