Demon Slayer: check out a hilarious muscular Nezuko cosplay

From its first release to its animated adaptation, Kimetsu no Yaiba has never ceased to captivate manga fans. In this hostile universe where demons continually face slayers, a unique being immediately stands out. This is the little sister of Kamado Tanjiro, the hero of the story. Credits

This one-of-a-kind character is hugely popular with fans and cosplayer Metalslimer didn’t fail to give him a wink.

The demon who resists his primary instincts

The life of Kamado Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko was turned in a snap. Their family was completely wiped out and Nezuko was transformed into a demon. Despite her new condition, she manages to suppress her impulses and remains at her brother’s side. The latter has become a demon slayer having in the back of his mind the hope of finding a way to make her human again.

Although her brother is watching over her, Nezuko is no longer a fragile girl who needs to cry out for help. With her new powers, she can take charge of man-eating demons without too much difficulty. She also has a handy ability that allows her to change her size as she sees fit. This power allows him to be constantly with his brother day and night, but said power gave Tanjiro a cold sweat.

Buff Nezuko: the cross between kawaii and thick brute

Buff Nezuko is not only the figment of the imagination of fans of Koyoharu Gotouge’s work. The illustration of this character did indeed appear in the manga. While our dear friend Tanjiro had dozed off, he had a very strange dream. His sister had appeared to him in a new form that was intimidating enough to frighten the slayer. The frail body of his beloved sister has given way to a behemoth with imposing muscles.

Tanjiro does not take long to emerge from this dream which should rather be described as a nightmare for him. But as soon as he realizes that it was all his imagination, Tanjiro is instantly relieved. This moment of dread that Tanjiro experienced was staged in season 2. Even if Buff Nezuko was only entitled to a brief appearance, the fandom of Kimetsu no Yaiba quickly seized it. On his Instagram account, the cosplayeur Metalslimer brought Buff Nezuko to life and the resemblance is striking.

Source : CBR