Demon Slayer Clarifies Questions About Making His Demons

demon slayer recently ended the Entertainment District arc, seeing Tanjiro and his friends nearly die against the prominent demons known as Gyutaro and Daki. With the manga having already ended the story of the Demon Slayer Corps, fans are still finding new insights into the world created by mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge, with a recent reveal exploring how demons are created in this terrifying environment. With a third season already confirmed to cover the Swordsmith Village arc, fans can expect plenty more animated material before the Shonen adaptation reaches its grand finale.

In one of the latest publications of demon slayer manga, Gotouge apparently broke down two major things about how demons were created, including why Muzan created more minions as well as how higher rank demons were created:

“Why Muzan created demons:

  • Find someone who can take the sunlight like a demon.
  • To craft higher rank demons: Higher rank demons are particularly difficult to create as they require a large amount of Muzan’s blood, which destroys most of the recipients’ cells. When higher rank demons recruit people, they give them their own blood, but the blood of a higher rank demon does not have the ability to make demons. He sends their intention to make a demon to Muzan, and if Muzan approves, he turns into blood capable of making a demon. Only higher rank demons can make such requests.”

The higher level demons we’ve seen appear in the series so far have been terrifying, with Akaza slaying Renoku the Flame Hashira at the end of the Mugen Train arc and Gyutaro’s higher level demon siblings and Daki almost killing the sound. Hashira with our heroes in Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu and Nezuko. With the last episode of the second season hinting at a gathering of the high-level demons, season three is sure to throw some fans for a loop with the colorful, albeit creepy, members of Muzan’s inner circle. Needless to say, Tanjiro and his friends have their work cut out for them when it comes to freeing the world from this supernatural menace that yearns for human flesh.

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Via Reddit