Demon Slayer Cosplay Builds Inosuke’s Buff Physique TechRadar

demon slayer took the world by storm when its anime went live, and the series has yet to loosen its grip. If you didn’t know, the show just wrapped up season two, and its final arc left fans looking at Inosuke in awe. So of course, one cosplayer felt it was only right to honor the savage killer with a makeover.

The look itself comes from Instagram thanks to the user sd_cosplayfit. This is where the fan, who has done tons of anime looks before, offered his take on Inosuke. As you can see above, the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba tribute is pretty much perfect down to the details.

Inosuke is wearing his signature boar mask in this photo, and his fur matches the skin tied around the swordsman’s waist. A pair of baggy pants complete the look, and Inosuke is seen wielding his dual blades in this photo. As you can see, cosplayer Brian Lee nailed this simple look to his pose, and the fitness model made sure to show off Inosuke’s toned physique here. After all, the swordsman has survived in the woods most of his life, and all of his training has turned Inosuke’s body into a weapon.

It goes without saying that this look is one of Inosuke’s best, and there are more to come. demon slayer already told fans that the third season is on the way, after all. The anime will return with the Swordsmith Village arc before too long. Inosuke will join Tanjiro and Zenitsu on the mission before the arrival of another Upper Moon disrupts everything. So if you thought Inosuke hit his peak in season two, you might think again!

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