Demon Slayer cosplayer surprises with her female version of Akaza

A talented cosplayer from Demon Slayer she’s ready to fight like the female version of He comes. The long-awaited second season of the anime has already started showing new material with the Entertainment District arc, but for the first seven weeks of this new season fans have been reliving the events of the Infinity Train arc seen for the first time in the film that hit theaters in 2020.

This also means that fans have come face to face with the top ranked demon. He comes once again as he showed his might in battle against the fan favorite, Kyojuro Rengoku. The anime has shown the fight between Akaza and Rengoku throughout the Infinity Train movie and the series’ second season, and each feels as intense as the other, as Akaza poses a threat from another world beyond. the fights we’ve seen so far.

Now, in the arc of the Entertainment District, it seems that He comes will keep appearing and the demon has received a cosplay just as lethal from artist @cakedbycraker on Instagram. He also has other cosplays of Demon Slayer and other franchises, so do not hesitate to visit their networks.

The Entertainment District kicked off with an hour-long special premiere that set the stage for Tanjiro’s next wave of fights, but more importantly, it finally showed fans what happened after the fight on the train. He comes It was one of the greatest mysteries after the combat, since, although he achieved victory against Rengoku, his fate was a mystery when he fled for fear of the arrival of dawn. So this first new episode has resolved those doubts.

Now, Akaza has sworn to take revenge on Tanjiro, as he had called him a coward, among other things, which annoyed Tanjiro. He comes. This means that while he was previously a very compelling demon villain thanks to his overwhelming strength, he is now a major foe that Tanjiro and the others will have to keep an eye on even in the midst of fighting many other strong foes.