Demon Slayer, Death Note and more: the best anime for beginners

The anime It is not for everyone, but there are works that do deserve your attention. not everything is dragon ball and there are plenty of hours out there that need to be viewed for you to value Japanese animation work even more. The great thing is that several of these works are available on Netflix.

Now there is anime for all tastes, some being more “specialized” than others. The important thing is to know how to choose how to start a series so that the plot is not heavy and you have fun for hours.

Four perfect anime for beginners

demon slayer

The plot revolves around Tanjiro Kamado, who wants to cure his sister, who turned into a demon. Tanjiro joined the Demon Slayer Corps to be able to fight and kill Muzan Kibutsuji and avenge his family on him.

The series also features Inosuke Hashibara and Zenitsu Agatsuma, who are Tanjiro’s fellow Demon Slayers. The show features some of the best action scenes in anime and some exquisite visuals that would make anyone watch in awe.

Kimi No Nawa (Your Name)

The film was a huge box office success and created a special place in the hearts of fans. The animation of the film is praiseworthy. Another reason for the success of the film was the unique and incredible plot. The Romance Fantasy drama film has mesmerizing music that was well received by fans and critics.

It is the story of Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, who somehow wake up in each other’s bodies and live each other’s lives for days or maybe weeks. This swapping of bodies led them to learn more about each other.

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death note

Death Note is one of the most popular anime of all time. The show is one of the most recommended anime for new viewers. The show’s protagonist, Light Yagami, is one of the most intelligent characters of all time. He lived the life of a normal high school student until he found the Death Note. Light decided to use the Death Note to kill criminals and became the infamous Kira.

Kira is rivaled by genius detective L, who is determined to find the infamous killer. The show features an intense battle of wits between the two. Death Note is one of the best anime in the psychological and thriller genres.

Assassination Classroom

A classroom where students try to kill their teacher sounds wild, doesn’t it? To clarify, the story is about an octopus-like monster who declares that he would destroy the Earth in a year. He claims to be the teacher of class 3E-E at Kunugigaoka High School.

The students are now being trained to be able to kill the monster, known as the Korosensei. The students greeted him every day with assassination attempts on his journey to save the world by finally finishing off his teacher and earning 10 billion yen from the government.

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One Punch Man

As the title suggests, the show features the main protagonist who can overwhelm his opponent with a single punch. Saitama is strong enough to beat almost any opponent in his or any other world. Saitama, who became incredibly strong after performing his routine exercises for 3 years, was a loner who wanted to be a superhero for fun.

The comedy-action series has become quite popular among fans. Saitama has a cyborg trainee, Genos, who quickly rose through the ranks of superheroes. He is an excellent choice to start the journey with, as he features great action, fun sequences, and some well-written characters.

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