Demon Slayer: discover a great Rengoku cosplay

In the world of demon slayer, Demon Slayers are the only beings capable of standing up to demons. Although they are very powerful, they remain men and despite everything, they continue to face countless demons without ever backing down.

Credits: Ufotable

The Rengoku Flame Pillar perfectly embodies this spirit and this aspect makes it a fan favorite. This is noticeable when we see the cosplay of the artist Its Lanicos.

Rengoku, the Pillar of Flame

Since the debut of the animated series in 2019, Demon Slayer has not stopped panicking the counters and nothing seems to stand in its way. With so many seasons on the clock today, Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga appears to be a big name in the japanimation industry. His feature film Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train is also proof of this.

This film, which is now the most lucrative in the history of the Japanese film industry, has put some critics in the spotlight. Protagonist Tanjiro Kamado is obviously in the list of headliners. However, he is very quickly relegated to the background in front of the charisma of the Pillar of the Flame Rengoku. His fight against the demonic moon Akaza, still remains one of Demon Slayer’s most breathtaking fights.

The news around Demon Slayer

It is true that the outcome of this confrontation did not smile on Rengoku. But his performance was nothing short of splendid, and he easily ranks among the franchise’s most popular favorite characters. If Akaza emerged victorious from the duel, it was Rengoku who won the hearts of the fans. Despite his disappearance, Rengoku still fuels debates on the web. You can see it through the superb realization of the Its Lanicos cosplayer on her Instagram account.

The second season of Demon Slayer has just ended. During the Pleasure Quarter arc, another pillar that Rengoku took over. This is the Pillar of Sound Tengen Uzui. Although it was hard to do as well as Rengoku, Tengen clearly didn’t do extra work. Fans didn’t even have time to think that animation studio Ufotable hastily announced that the third season is confirmed. This is very good news for fans who already have their mouths watering.

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