Demon Slayer: discover a very flashy cosplay of Tengen

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime of recent years and its success does not seem to be decreasing. As Demon Slayer Season 2 revolves around the Pleasure Quarter arc, new characters are entering the arena. During the Infinity Train arc, the Rengoku Flame Pillar shone brightly and managed to win the hearts of the audience.

Credits: Studio Ufotable

For this new arc, it is the turn of another pillar to play a big role.

Demon Slayer’s Most Eccentric Pillar

When trying to imagine what a ninja should look like, the character of Tengen Uzui would be the opposite extreme of this conception. Terms like stealth and stealth don’t really sit well with the sound pillar. He is a man who really does not go unnoticed. His build and especially his flashy style of dress really don’t help matters.

While he has to carry out a mission in the pleasure district, he needs the assistance of young women to infiltrate certain circles. Tengen had already entrusted this mission to his three wives. But not receiving any more news from them, this time he had to find new people to assist him in his investigation.

After a succession of events, his choice will be Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu. To infiltrate the pleasure district, our young slayers will have to cross-dress and the task promises to be tough for them. They will have to collect information on the demons present in the surroundings and find the trace of the wives of Tengen.

Very powerful enemies

If you were thrilled with the Infinity Train arc and the fight between Rengoku and Akaza, you won’t be disappointed with the Pleasure Quarter arc. The defenders will face the duo Gyutaro and Daki. These demons sow terror and are the source of all the suspicious disappearances in the region. This also includes Tengen’s wives.

Although they are only two, their power is not to be taken lightly. A very difficult fight awaits the group of slayers. Tanjiro and Zenitsu find themselves in dire straits against Muzan’s terrifying Demon Moons. Our young heroes owe their survival only to the intervention of Tengen Uzui.

This character will have taken a long time to gain the sympathy of the fandom and his attitude will not necessarily have helped. But one thing leading to another, his rating rose even if Rengoku remains the darling of the fans. The cosplayer Beat By Dime made a superb cosplay very faithful to the character that you can discover on his Instagram account.

Source : ComicBook