Demon Slayer episode 6 leaves us on a painful cliffhanger!

The penultimate episode of Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaiba for die-hard fans, left us with an epic, or at least deadly, ending. Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 has fulfilled all the expectations of fans of the anime. Indeed, it continues the work of the arc of the film of the Infinity Train.


Like the Infinity Train, this season 2 of Demon Slayer opened the floodgates to the tragic departure of the pillar of fire Rengoku Kyojuro. An emotional shock that fans will have to undergo a second time. Besides this emotional shock, this season 2 fulfills all the conditions for a good anime: epic fights and a brutal cliffhanger.

La fin de Rengoku

Demon Slayer Season 2 episode six was soberly named Akaza after the Higher Demon. During this episode, we discover the shock tandem made up of Tanjiro and Inosuke who managed to defeat Enmu, and to derail the Infinity Train from its path. But when Tanjiro and his companions finally manage to extricate themselves from the train, they face Akaza. But the pillar of Fire Rengoku, faithful to the flame that burns within him, comes to the aid of Tanjiro and his friends. Akaza, confident and proud to come across a fighter worthy of his strength, engages the fight against Rengoku in a violent and relentless fight.

This is the moment all fans of the anime await with trepidation. Indeed, the Infinity Train left fans with little hope as to the outcome of the fight between upper Demonic Third Moon Akaza, and Flame Pillar Rengoku. The two protagonists being very powerful, their fight gave rise to a brutal outcome presenting us with a Rengoku at the beginning of death. A painful moment that the fans had to relive a second time.

Scenes at the height of the combatants

Episode 6 of season 2 therefore ends with an image of the pillar of Fire, injured, and bloodied, which ends up being hit with a fatal blow. This image leaves very little doubt as to its possible appearance in future episodes of the anime. The last episode of season 2 “Ignite your soul” suggests that the passage of the Pillar of Fire ends like this.

However, this season 2 keeps all its promises in terms of fights and dialogues between the protagonists. The duet between Tanjiro and Inosuke who manages to let go of his fear or Akaza’s coldness are all small details that make the beauty of this new season. Besides that, we must add that this episode will be remembered by fans for the enchanted and flamboyant nature of Rengoku.