Demon Slayer excites fans with new anime poster

The Demon Slayer Corps added Tanjiro and his strong young monster hunters to their ranks and as a result, the protagonists of demon slayer they have faced some terrifying battles.

ufotable took the opportunity to share a new poster for Mugen Train Arcwhich not only received its only story through the Demon Slayer anime series, but also worked its way to the top of the box office charts, becoming the number one anime film of all time:

After the conclusion of the Entertainment District Arc, the Swordsmith Village Arch is the following story that will start the third season of the anime kimetsu no yaiba.

With the release of a nnew trailer presumably planned to hit this year’s Jump Festa (December 10, 2022), a new poster has been released that takes fans back in time to prepare them for the future.

The next arc to be featured in the Demon Slayer anime adaptation is the Swordsmith Village Arc, which features a new look at two new Hashira that have yet to receive the same attention as Rengoku the Flame Hashira and Tengen the Sound Hashira.

While Tanjiro and his friends have already battled some powerful demons like Gyutaro and Daki, these demon brothers are just the tip of the iceberg. The Truth News reminds you that the Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2 received criticism for the pacing of its story.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime

Image: Demon Slayer Season 2

If the third season of the anime adaptation sticks to the events of the manga, Muzan and his demon minions will be front and center in the first few episodes of the anime’s return, proving just how in over their heads the Demon Slayer Corps currently is.

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Surprisingly, despite the great popularity of Demon Slayer, the manga of Koyoharu Gotouge came to an end years ago, ending Tanjiro and Nezuko’s long journey. With the number of stories anime can tell limited by this fact, Ufotable has controlled how many more seasons and/or movies fans can expect.

On the manga front, the mangaka who created Hashira hasn’t revealed any plans to return to Demon Slayer, but it might just be a matter of time before we see new stories emerge from this Shonen universe.

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