Demon Slayer: fans are wrong about the identity of the most powerful Hashira

Your favorite manga Demon Slayer offers a variety of characters including the Hashira. The latter are indeed the fiercest demon slayers. Their power is such that they are among the main characters.


However, they do not all have the same degrees of potency. This article therefore proposes to reveal to you the true identity of the most powerful Hashira of the manga Demon Slayer. And you will be surprised!

Back to reality: Gyomei Himejima is not the most powerful

If according to the surveys carried out among fans of the manga, Gyomei Himejima is the strongest of the Hashira of the “Pillar” combat squad, by paying a little more attention, we easily realize that Mitsuri Kanroji still named “Love Hashira” has a decisive advantage over him: his ability to influence others.



The Hashira are outstanding demon slayers. They show unparalleled pugnacity. To integrate their corporation, it is necessary to go through the nine ranks of the Common Demon Slayer Corps, and especially to have completed a major demon or fifty minor demons. Moreover, you already know that the coming of a Hashira significantly doubles the pugnacity of the demons.

It turns out that like all beings endowed with supernatural capacities, the Hashira have within them degrees of perfection and power. They have between them various physiognomies which are themselves in relation to their capacities.

Misturi Kanroji : focus !

So let’s analyze the character of Mitsuri Kanroji. She is seemingly harmless and candid, so she doesn’t look like an overpowered demon slayer. In fact, the meaning of his name already tells us a lot about his sympathy and the opposition that there is between his powers and his angelic aspect. Mitsuri is therefore one of the most loved people on her team and for good reason, she is optimistic in the most desperate situations as well as those around her.



It was she who pleaded in favor of Tanjiro – he who had harbored a demon – when he appeared before Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Besides, you just have to scrutinize her when she takes on the appearance of Sailor Moon: you will undoubtedly realize that she is much stronger and skillful. This superpower comes from a mutation of its genes which induces in it a unique and incredible endurance. Coupled with her flexibility, her velocity and her pugnacity emanating from love, she stands out as the most powerful Hashira: this bases her ability to act directly on the consciousness of her opponent.

A concrete example of a demonstration of power

The most eloquent example of her power is given to us in chapter 198 where she fights Muzan Kibutsuji. She attacks him enough and ends up depriving him entirely of the use of one of her main arms, with bare hands. Isn’t it classy?



This bravery was quite significant and saving. She kept Tanjiro alive, who would probably have Muzan killed. Additionally, it allowed Hashira Shinazugawa to keep Demon Lord Muzan nailed to the wall as dusk approached.