Demon Slayer festival announced on CdMx

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demon slayer It has become one of the most popular anime today; with two seasons and a movie that It swept the box offices in various countriesincluding that of Mexico, the story starring Tanjiro Kamado continues to make people talk.

Mexico City witnessed the popularity of demon slayerbecause so farand they have held two editions of a festival known as Demon Slayer Festivalin which hundreds of anime fans gathered in a venue where there were contests, collectible figures and other activities related to the animated series.

return the Demon Slayer Festival

The official page of Fan Fest on Facebook, who have organized other thematic festivals of Batman, The Simpsons Y sailor Moon, confirmed the details about the third edition of the Demon Slayer Festivalwhich this time will feature the participation of some dubbing actors, who give voice to the characters of the animated series.

What activities will there be? Demon Slayer Festival?

Through Facebook, the various activities that will take place were also confirmed, ranging from trivia, a martial arts exhibition, a photo area, a cosplay contest to autograph signing and a bazaar, all related to the universe of demon slayer.

When and where is the Demon Slayer Festival?

The festival will take place next Sunday September 11 in the facilities of the Lux Room, located in the Deportivo SME Coapa.

The entrance to the event will be ttotally free and will start promptly at 11:00 am

What is it about demon slayer?

The anime tells the story of Tanjirou Kamadoa young man seeking to become a demon hunter after one of them attacked his family, leaving his sister as the only survivor nezukowhich will accompany him on his long path in which they will put their abilities to the limit.

Where to see demon slayer?

The anime is available through the platforms of Netflix and Crunchyroll.