Demon Slayer: Finally a major villain for season 2

Demon Slayer is heating up this week with a new episode, and readers of the manga have been waiting for its release all this time. After all, it’s not every day that a higher rank is introduced in anime. It happened not too long ago with Daki, and now the show’s big threat has emerged for the Entertainment District arc.

If you’ve seen this new episode, you know that Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba introduced its latest demon Upper Six. Daki received a mortal blow, but instead of dying, the hag was kept alive. Indeed, Daki does not live alone, she exists in tandem with her brother, and Gyutaro entered the fight after she was injured.

If you don’t read the manga, then Demon Slayer took you by surprise with this introduction. After all, Gyutaro comes out of nowhere, and he’s very terrifying. This emaciated demon might not look like much given his physique, but Gyutaro is the real reason Daki is part of the Upper Six. His powers are to be feared, and even Tengen admits the villain is something wild.

Fans expect Gyutaro to bring all sorts of trouble to Demon Slayer, and that hunch isn’t irrefutable. After all, quite a few demons have wreaked havoc on the series in the past, and Gyutaro is one of the Upper Six. There’s no doubt that these demonic siblings are going to make waves, but they won’t be given a pass to town. Tengen and Tanjiro are just two killers standing in their way, so things are going to get interesting in this arc.