Demon Slayer for parents: 3 minutes to understand everything about the favorite teen anime

You’ve never seen any episode of the Demon Slayer anime but want to know what it’s about? Here are some keys to understanding this phenomenon that fascinates teenagers!


Demon Slayer has become a real phenomenon in the space of a few times, arousing an unprecedented enthusiasm. The original manga, created by Koyoharu Gotōge in 2016, has 23 volumes to date.

In all, the work has sold more than 150 million copies, surpassing giants like Bleach or Attack on Titan. The anime, which launched in 2019, was an immediate success. After the broadcast of season 1, the Ufotable studio worked on a film, Le Train de l’Infini.

The latter became number one at the Japanese box office of all time, surpassing Frozen, Spirited Away or Titanic. In France, it gathered more than 700,000 fans, a real triumph for a Japanese animated film.

What is it about ?

Since ancient times, there have been rumors of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. For this reason, local townspeople never venture there at night. Legend also has it that a killer wanders around at night, hunting these bloodthirsty demons.

Since his father’s death, Tanjiro has taken it upon himself to provide for his family. Despite this tragedy, they manage to find a little happiness on a daily basis. However, this bit of happiness finds itself destroyed the day Tanjiro discovers that his family has been slaughtered and the sole survivor, his sister Nezuko, has become a demon.

Much to her surprise, Nezuko still shows signs of human emotion and thoughts. Thus begins the hard task of Tanjiro, that of fighting the demons and making his sister human again.

From what age to watch this anime?

The editorial staff of AlloCiné recommends this program from the age of 12. Indeed, the series tackles difficult themes in an explicit and sometimes brutal way. The fighting is violent and often bloody. For these reasons, Demon Slayer is aimed more at a teenage audience.

What does it look like ?

Why do your teens love it?

  • Because the characters are endearing and convey beautiful values ​​such as courage, abnegation or a sense of sacrifice. Tanjiro has an ultra positive personality and never gives up. Special mention to Inosuke, one of the most hilarious characters in the world with his boar mask.
  • Because the universe proposed by the anime propels us into a feudal Japan populated by demons and vengeful samurai armed with sabers! And that’s still so cool.
  • Because animation is sorely beautiful. The combat sequences are all more epic than the others, sublimating a story that holds in suspense in each episode.

5 terms you won’t necessarily understand if your child talks to you about them

  • Pillars: The Pillars are the nine most powerful swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Army. They play a major role in the fight against their leader, the cruel and evil Kibutsuji Muzan.
  • The Breath: The Breaths are styles of swordsmanship practiced and taught by slayers. They are based on the breath and the absolute control of it. For example, the hero Tanjiro uses the Breath of Water, a power he infuses into his katana to successfully kill demons.
  • Sunsword: Sunsabers are special blades used and specially crafted by the Demon Slayer Army. They are forged from a unique ore that absorbs sunlight, one of the demons’ only weaknesses. Therefore, decapitation by a sunsaber is one of the only ways a human can kill a demon.
  • Bloodthirst: Bloodthirst refers to spells or techniques that higher-level demons can cast. The specifics of these spells are unique to each demon.
  • Demonic Moons: The twelve Demonic Moons are a group of very powerful demons under the direct command of Lord Kibutsuji Muzan.
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Kibutsuji Muzan

The anecdote that will amaze your teenager!

  • The animated film The Train of Infinity is the biggest success at the Japanese box office with more than 28 million admissions. As of December 2020, sales around the franchise have generated at least 270 billion yen ($2.6 billion) in profits in the Land of the Rising Sun.
  • At the start of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado has a burn mark on his forehead, much like Harry Potter has his lightning bolt scar. This spot changes shape after the Final Selection arc and encounter with the Hand Demon. This is not at all an error of the team but it reflects an evolution of the character. Tanjiro has become a more powerful slayer, and the shape of his scar is the marker of his progress as a fighter.
  • Tanjiro wears characteristic earrings which are of central importance to the hero. They are the legacy of his father, who died before his family was slaughtered by demons. Representing the rising sun, they have been censored in some countries. Indeed, this symbol was used by Japan during the Second World War. For some Asian countries, it is still reminiscent of the war crimes of the Imperial Japanese Army.
  • In France, the manga was first released under the title The Night Stalkers. The sales being catastrophic, the publisher changed its tune following the triumph of the anime, taking up the name of Demon Slayer, with the success that we know.
  • In the French version of Demon Slayer, Inosuke is dubbed by Christophe Lemoine, a comedian known for lending his voice to Cartman in South Park.
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Rengoku, Pillar of Flame

Where to see this anime and how much will it cost you?

On Netflix (only season 1) (from €8.99 per month), Wakanim and Crunchyroll (€4.99 per month).

Also available in manga (currently 23 volumes and still being published, sold for €7.29 each by the publisher Panini).

What other anime to watch next with your child?

  • Jujutsu Kaisen, for its spiritual and supernatural side.
  • Bleachfor the swordsman side and exaltation of beautiful values.
  • Fate/Zero, also produced by the Ufotable studio, master of action.