Demon Slayer gives clues to Muzan’s ultimate goal

Many mysteries surround the enigmatic leader of the demons, Muzan, and while there is still a lot that fans of Demon Slayer don’t know about the demon lord, the latest episode of the anime revealed new facts about the villain’s ultimate goal. As the Entertainment District arc takes us beyond the Mugen Train arc narrative, Tanjiro and his friends will face many dangers around every corner, including Muzan’s all-powerful supernatural threat.

The first episode of the Entertainment District arc is interesting when it comes to Muzan in particular, with the demonic leader apparently getting into the good graces of a normal family as a young boy, having already shown up. in two bodies as a young man with a family and a young woman. Not only does Muzan seemingly want the Blue Spider Lily, a mysterious flower that seems to be the center of his mind, but he’s desperate to get it. By raising just a finger, he is able to almost kill Akaza, which is a bad sign for the Demon Slayer Army given that Rengoku himself was not able to take down the First Order Demon.

The Blue Spider Lilly is shrouded in mystery when it comes to why Muzan is looking for the flower, but readers of the manga know that the item represents an important part of his past, and that if he gets it, it will have big ramifications on the future of franchising.

In this episode, we also saw Tanjiro dealing with the fallout from the battle between Rengoku and Akaza during the Mugen Train Arc, trying to fight the loss of the Flame Hashira while learning more about the powerful technique known as name of Sun Breathing. While Tanjiro is still no match for Muzan in his current state, the Entertainment District arc seeks to pit the young member of the Demon Slayer Army against powerful foes.

Muzan is an interesting counterweight to Tanjiro, and viewers are sure to learn more about the Demon Lord as the series progresses.