Demon Slayer has a train and has arrived in California, this is it

Demon Slayer has become one of the biggest Shonen franchises, even though the manga storyline came to an end years ago, as there are still many stories and battles that have yet to be brought to the anime adaptation.

With the Shonen manga managing to dethrone One Piece on more than one occasion when it comes to overall manga sales.

It looks like Mugen trains are pulling into the station once again, as for a limited time, Demon Slayer trains are coming to California. for fans of the series.

Demon Slayer will have a third season … this is what we know

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train saw Tanjiro and his young friends in the Demon Slayer Corps hopping aboard a supernatural locomotive which saw the swordsmen meet Flame Hashira Rengoku and fight one of the top tier demons known as Enmu.

The official Demon Slayer English Twitter account shared that for a limited time, train enthusiasts in California will have the opportunity to ride trains honoring Hashira, with some of the strongest members of the Demon Slayer Corps painted on the sides. .

With Rengoku losing his life against the demonic fighter known as Akaza, the second season saw the anime adaptation retell the events of the film while also taking the opportunity to explore how the Shonen protagonists were affected by the death of Rengoku.

The third season of Demon Slayer is coming

The third season has already been confirmed by Ufotable and will delve into the Swordsmith Village Arc to offer new challenges to our heroes.

While a specific release date for the anime’s third season has yet to be confirmed, Ufotable has informed fans that they are looking forward to the return of Tanjiro and his friends to the small screen next year.

With the movie version of Mugen Train becoming the most profitable anime film of all time, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Demon Slayer Corps return to the big screen, though nothing has been confirmed when it comes to a new Demon Slayer movie. .