Demon Slayer: here are some omissions on Tengen’s abilities

Demon Slayer Season 2 is progressing at a good pace. Demon Slayers face even more powerful foes. If you thought you had seen it all with Akaza, the other demonic moons of Muzan have some surprises in store for you. In the episodes relating to the Pleasure Quarter arc, it is the group led by Tengen who pays the price.

Credits: Ufotable

The fight against the Daki and Gyutaro duo reaches new heights and the slayers have no choice but to outdo each other.

The duo Daki and Gyutaro

High-ranking demon moons Daki and Gyutaro make life difficult for sound pillar Tengen Uzui. Tanjiro’s group is also not spared. In terms of coordination, the slayers are clearly at a disadvantage and the demon duo do not intend to go easy on them. The slayers do not see the end of the tunnel, because they cannot find an opening to end the demons themselves.

Without Tengen’s presence, Tanjiro and his companions wouldn’t have lasted long against the omnipotence of these demons. Tengen Uzui undoubtedly deserves his title of mainstay. It has nothing to envy to the pillar of flame Rengoku. Although its style differs, it is no less impressive. There would be a lot to say about his lack of friendliness, we must at least recognize that he does not go unnoticed.

The defenders are in bad shape

The face-to-face with the duo Daki and Gyutaro is turning to the advantage of the demons. They clearly lead the dance and Tengen despite all his talent fails to cause serious damage to Gyutaro. But since the airing of the last episode, fans have noticed that certain elements were missing. Compared to the manga, the Ufotable studio omitted to mention some information about Tengen’s sabers.

In Koyoharu Gotouge’s original work, Tengen’s weapon skills and sword power were developed. According to his words, anyone hit by his blade cannot survive it. This description suggests that the pillar of sound has not yet revealed all its power. However, Gyutaro was quick to shatter this myth around Tengen’s swords. Although he had his head severed, Gyutaro had no trouble putting it back in place as if nothing had happened.

Source: ComicBook