Demon Slayer: here is an incredible cosplay of the new demonic form of Nezuko

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains material from Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 15!!

Demon Slayer Season 2 had started slowly. We had relived (to our dismay) the death of Rengoku, the pillar of flame. But this time, events took a more flamboyant turn according to Tengen Uzui. The true upper moon has entered and is already undermining the pillar of sound. As for Nezuko, she unleashed her potential as a demon as she sought to save her brother. A cosplayer paid homage to her new form not with accessories, but rather with body paint.

Credits: ufotable Studio

A new bloodthirsty power for Nezuko

As Tanjiro was in agony from misusing the Fire God Dance technique, Nezuko came to his rescue. The little sister will show a strength and a bestiality that we did not know about her. Thanks to her new power, Nezuko will have a strength comparable to that of Daki, which accelerates her regeneration abilities. His new power also allows him to coagulate his blood, so that even severed limbs retain some mobility.

Unfortunately, Nezuko has little control over this sudden surge of power, to the point of wanting to bite into human flesh. Without the intervention of Tanjiro and the precious advice of Tengen, the ally of the hunters of the demons would have committed the irreparable. In the fan community, this “new Nezuko” was widely celebrated. It is in this capacity that the artist Yaiza Perez will bring it to life thanks to a cosplay composed of body paint. Find out on his Instagram profile.

The best is yet to come

Nezuko was Tanjiro’s motivation to join the Demon Hunter Circle. If not for the Kamado family massacre and its transformation, Tanjiro would have been a charcoal maker. She is therefore in his eyes, his most precious asset and vice versa. As the series evolves, their bond grows stronger, and both grow in power: Tanjiro with his mastery of the Fire God Dance, and Nezuko with her bloodthirsty new powers.

Nezuko’s transformation was certainly a beautiful moment, but it was short-lived. In question, the appearance of Tengen who will finally face an opponent of his size. Contrary to what we believe, Daki is not the upper moon. The actual Upper Moon 6 made its debut in the latest episode, and we can assure you, it’s nothing like what you’ve seen before. The fight between Daki and Nezuko was only an appetizer of what will happen in the episodes to follow. As for Muzan, the latest episode tells us a bit more about his motivations. The king of demons is looking for a flower. We will know much more about this very soon… Hopefully.