Demon Slayer Imagine Rengoku’s Demonic Form In Cool Art TechRadar

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is done with season two, but fans aren’t done. After all, the Mugen Train arc still has the fandom in its feels, and the Entertainment District arc erupted with its own battle. Right now, a good majority of the fandom is stuck in mourning Rengoku, but the manga offered the Hashira a way to escape death. And now an artist has brought that reality to life with a special poster.

The piece comes from Instagram courtesy of therealsketchyartist. The user decided it was time to give Rengoku a life-saving makeover during the Mugen Train arc. But to do that, well – the Demon Slayer would have had to become a demon.

As you can see above, the demon slayer the illustrations don’t go easy on Rengoku here with his demon form. The Flame Hashira is given wavy crimson tattoos that spread across his face and arms like flames. His thick eyebrows are elongated and match the fighter’s demonic horns. Of course, he also has glowing yellow eyes that are marked to show off his strength, and Rengoku’s physique is lined with veiny muscle for good measure.

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This makeover imagines what Rengoku might have looked like had he accepted Akaza’s offer during their confrontation in the Mugen Train arc. demon slayer Fans will remember the epic battle that claimed Rengoku’s life, but the Upper Moon offered to turn Rengoku as his death would waste all of his strength. In the end, Rengoku couldn’t accept becoming the thing he swore to kill, and Akaza kills the Hashira before fleeing the rising sun. By choosing death, Rengoku stuck to his principles, but ultimately fans admit they miss the hero enough to excuse this demonic resurrection.

What do you think of this Season 2 makeover? Do you think any of the Hashira would have accepted Akaza’s deal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.