Demon Slayer is over: 3 good reasons to devour the cult series

Demon Slayer bowed out earlier this month, with 23 volumes and millions of copies sold worldwide.

Some endings come faster than others. Without really expecting it, the saga Demon Slayer bowed out on July 6 in France, on the occasion of the release of the 23rd bound volume. 23 volumes is not much, especially for a series of the magnitude that mangaka Koyoharu Gotōg has been imagining since 2016.

Many already imagined a longevity worthy of One Piecewhose volume 101 was released last May (for a saga still in production), or more modestly from Naruto, completed in 72 volumes. It will finally be necessary to be satisfied with 23 volumes, which does not detract from the quality of the series, quite the contrary. For those who have not yet taken the plunge, here are three good reasons to discover Demon Slayer.

A shonen, but different

Behind his classic shonen tunes, Demon Slayer questions many other facets of the manga genre. The universe of Koyoharu Gotōg is rich, the characters endearing, and the brotherly relationship between Tanjirô and Nezuko has rarely been as well transcribed as in the demonic saga. Far from the romantic ambiguity that is generally found between the two main characters (provided they are not of the same sex), this absence of romance makes their epic even more dramatic.

A perfect manga to discover the genre

If you’ve never read manga, now is the time to get started. With Demon Slayer, no bad surprise: in addition to establishing itself as one of the biggest global successes of recent years, the saga is also very easy to access. Especially since now that the adventures of Tanjirô are over, the complete series is easily accessible from the publisher Panini.

Discover Demon Slayer volume 23

Its Amazing Anime Adaptation

If the paper manga is already a success, the success of Demon Slayer also owes a lot to its excellent animated adaptation. The Ufotable studio has been able to perfectly transcribe the author’s creations, and the fight scenes as much as the intimate moments are choreographed with a master hand. The music is not left out, we advise you to add the soundtrack to your summer playlist, while waiting for the release of season 3 scheduled for next year.

Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Discover Demon Slayer on Prime Video

The Crunchyroll platform benefits from part of season 2, while certain Netlifx catalogs (Japan, India, HK, Philippines) offer the entire season. Only a VPN will allow you to access it from France.

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