Demon Slayer: Italian cosplayer shows off a more muscular Inosuke cosplay

Although the second season of the anime of Kimetsu no Yaiba We are still thinking about Demon Slayer, and for this reason we present you one of the best Inosuke Hashibira cosplays that we have seen. the italian cosplayer Taryn decided this was a good weekend to remind the world of his inosuke cosplay in its most muscular version.

Although Inosuke had to learn to fight on his own and developed his own breathing style, he is one of the best fighters in Kimetsu no Yaiba and a prodigy, as we have seen in the anime. However, his best moments are yet to come and for this reason we await the third season seeing this great Taryn cosplay.

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Taryn has been cosplaying for a long time and her experience is reflected in the quality of her work, because whenever she plays a character she manages to reproduce their appearance in an incredible way. In the case of Inosuke Hashibira, Taryn had already shown a Boar-headed Inosuke cosplay a long time ago, which could be considered one of her best.

In her post this week, Taryn said it was time to show more photos of her new version of the Inosuke Hashibira cosplay, which was first unveiled late last year. This is the third time we’ve seen Taryn cosplaying Inosuke without her mask, but it’s probably the last.

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Taryn is one of the most talented cosplayers today and the Demon Slayer Inosuke cosplay proves it, so if you like his style I recommend you follow him on his social networks, where he is very active. In addition to Inosuke Hashibira, Taryn has played other Demon Slayer characters perfectly, as seen with her cosplay of Tengen Uzui, the pillar of sound.