Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Internet users excited by this new Netflix addition (Opinion)

Available since November 1, 2021 on Netflix, Demon Slayer already climbs to the top of the list of the most viewed programs in the catalog. Its posting on one of the most important streaming de France should allow the famous anime to experience renewed interest and to open up to a wider audience.

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What is it about ?

Adapted from the eponymous manga, the series composed of 26 episodes (24 min each) follows the peaceful but modest life of Tanjirō Kamado until the day his family are massacred when he descends into town to sell coal. Only Nezuko, her little sister, survives, but she is transformed into a demon. For Tanjirō begins a long journey to find a remedy allowing his sister to regain human form. (Official synopsis)

When can we see season 2 on Netflix?

Demon Slayer season 2 has been on view since October 10, 2021 in Japan. In France, it is the platform for streaming Wakanim which has the simulcast: the season is therefore broadcast at the rate of one episode with French subtitles per week (on Sundays to be exact). For the moment, Netflix has not made an official communication regarding the addition of this second opus to its catalog. Hopefully, we don’t have to be too patient …

Internet users excited about the idea of ​​(re) discovering this cult anime!

If manga lovers have already had the opportunity to see this cult anime, others are happy to discover Demon Slayer. Tou like the Attack on Titan or even One Punch Man, the animated series could gain notoriety and become a real phenomenon thanks to the powerful lever that is Netflix!

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