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We bring more content of this new title for Nintendo Switch. The information has been offered today by those responsible. Is about Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Chronicles of Hinokami and its first trailer for the hybrid console.SEO

Demon Slayer: Trailer for Nintendo Switch

According to what was shared, the title will be available next June 9, 2022 in the eShop of the console and in physical format, at least in Japan. It has been confirmed that it will have a physical and a limited edition. The limited edition will cost 11,800 yen and includes additional costumes and 16,000 Kimetsu Points.

We leave you with its premise and first trailer for Nintendo Switch:

Japan was Taishō. Tanjirō is a kind boy who sells coal for a living. One day, returning home, he finds his family dead at the hands of a demon. As if that were not enough, Nezuko, her little sister, is the only survivor, but she has become a demon. Despite the painful reality he faces, Tanjirō decides to become a demon slayer to eliminate the being that killed his family and make his sister human again.

It begins… a tragedy of two brothers in which the fate of humans and demons is forever linked!

This promotional video has also been offered:

It is expected to be released physically and on the Nintendo Switch eShop

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What you can do in the eShop:

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