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WARNING, SPOILER ALERT! Who is Tanjuro Kamado? Until season 2 of “demon slayer”, little has been known about the father of Tanjiro and Nezuko. The memories of the demon slayer have shed some light on the lessons and teachings of his deceased parent. Now, waiting for the arrival of season 3 or the Arc of the Blacksmith Village, which will surprise with these revelations, many hope that the new chapters give more clues about said character. This is what is known about the protagonist according to what he appeared in the anime manga that can be seen on Crunchyroll.

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At the beginning of the history of Koyoharu Gotouge it is known that the father of the Kamado brothers was already dead due to an illness that weakened his body. When Tanjirou reminds of Tanjuroyou always see an exhausted and faded man, but with a serene look.

Tanjuro’s lessons were always related to the Dance of the Fire Godwhich is then called as the Sun Breathing. Tanjiro uses these unique moves by reliving the time when his father danced in the snow all night, in a ritual to protect them from the cruelty of the world, especially in his job as a charcoal burner.

When Tanjiro moves under that breath, he was able to push back Rui, the fifth Lower Moon. However, the technique left him exhausted, as it also happened in his fight against Dakithe Upper Sixth Moon. Tanjuro, however, could do the Dance with no problem despite his dejected body. That was the sign that Tanjiro’s father was not a normal person. Learn more about this character here.

Tanjuro Kamado performing the Dance of the God of Fire. (Photo: Ufotable)


Until the “Demon Slayer” anime season 2is shown to Tanjuro Kamado sick but always giving lessons to Tanjiro. One of the most important is when the protagonist sees him doing the Dance of the Fire Godwhich in the manga is known to be Solar Breathing, the original technique that knocks down all the breaths of the Pillars and was created by Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

The first demon slayer passed on his knowledge of the sun breath from generation to generation, as he did with the earrings that Tanjuro inherited from his son. However, Tanjiro’s father was never a swordsman nor did he even see a demon in his life, although he passed on the technique to him, through the Dance.

That breath, as might have been suspected in the anime, is a unique series of moves that, in the manga, is revealed to have put Muzan Kibbutsuji. To the point that the main villain of “Kimetsu no Yabia“He lived hidden and that’s why no Hashira had come across him, only the Crescent Moons.

This way, Tanjuro Kamado is a key figure in “Demon Slayer” because he leaves a unique ability to his son, which will bail him out in every difficult battle. At Infinity Fortress ArcFor example, another memory of his father will be important for Tanjiro to get into a very powerful fighting state.

And this was as a result of a moment of danger that he lived with Tanjuro. The man was already very ill but he was able to detect the presence of a bear approaching his family. The animal had killed other people in the area. They put home alarms but the huge animal was able to enter the approximations of his home.

At that time, Tanjuro showed his son how a very strong enemy could be defeated with a particular state of mind. Armed only with an axe, the man decapitated the bear, leaving him with a lesson that Tanjiro was able to use in his fight with one of the Upper Moons. Without a doubt, T.anjuro could have been one level higher than the Hashira if he trained as a demon slayer.

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Giyu’s toughness

The first Hashira to be met in “Demon Slayer” was Giyu Tomioka. The Pillar of Water became the link of Tanjirou with the slayer. However, as it turned out, Giyu’s personality always feigned contempt for others and anger towards people’s attitudes, such as when she yelled at Tanjiro for protecting Nezuko.

Giyu Tomioka during season 1 of "demon slayer".  (Photo: Ufotable)
Giyu Tomioka during “Demon Slayer” Season 1. (Photo: Ufotable)

Sanemi’s attack on Nezuko

Another of the moments in which the Pillars were questioned was when Sanemi Shinazugawa he stabbed Nezuko and tempted her to bite him. The Hashira of the Wind sought that, with her blood, Tanjiro’s sister would show that she is a demon without control. The way she hurt the girl is one of the hardest moments of the Season 1 of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

Sanemi Shinazugawa when he hurt Nezuko Kamado.  (Photo: Ufotable)
Sanemi Shinazugawa when he hurt Nezuko Kamado. (Photo: Ufotable)

Tengen Uzui’s arrogance

Another Hashira who didn’t make a good impression at first was Tengen Uzui. The Pillar of Sound he was shown as arrogant and self-centered, to the point of calling himself God and treating the young demon slayers as trash. Of course, in the season 2 wrap upthe idea about Tengen changes radically. Here we tell you more about the Pillars.

Tengen Uzui during the Red Light District Arc.  (Photo: Ufotable)
Tengen Uzui during the Red Light District Arc. (Photo: Ufotable)


On the other hand, the film and television universe of “Demon Slayer” it is still quite small. Below, we show you everything that has been released, in order of release date:

  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 1 (2019)
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train (2020)
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 (2022)
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