‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ will start season 3 with a movie that will hit theaters in 2023

The film will open in Japan on February 3, 2023.

In 2021, Guardians of the Night: Infinite Train arrived in theaters in Spain after its successful run at the international box office, a success that was repeated in our country before the expected premiere of season 2.

Two years later, Ufotable has decided to repeat the same strategy with season 3, releasing a new film in 2023 under the title Guardians of the Night: Kimetsu no Yaiba Course to the village of blacksmiths.

After its release in Japan next February 3, the film will arrive as part of a worldwide World Tour with release date, countries and regions to be announced at a later date. However, we already know that a grand premiere will be held in Los Angeles on February 18, 2023, before opening in theaters in the United States and Canada on March 3.

Guardians of the night. Kimetsu no Yaiba Heading to the blacksmith villages will be a cinematographic experience that will unite the last two episodes of season 2 of the Red Light District Arc, acclaimed for their impressive action scenes and harrowing story, will join at the start of the next arc of the franchise. You can see its trailer below:

On this occasion, the material has been taken to a 4K resolution and the music has been completely remixed, to make this experience totally unique and unmatched on the big screen. The original manga of Kimetsu no Yaiba by Koyoharu Gotoge was collected into 23 volumes under Shueisha’s JUMP COMICS imprint and has sold more than 150 million copies.

Remember that season 3 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will adapt the popular arc of the manga of the Village of Blacksmiths where Tanjiro tries to find a replacement for his sword, the same one that has been destroyed in the final battle of season 2. In this installment we will know the full potential of the Pillars of Love and that of the Mist.