Demon Slayer Le Quartier des Plaisirs Episode 6: What date and time of release?

Find out all the info about Demon Slayer Season 2 episode 6 on Wakanim & Crunchyroll! Date and time of departure etc.

Demon Slayer is available on Wakanim! If you want to know everything about the release of episode 6 of the Quartier des Plaisirs, read on! Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Japanese animated series, based on the manga of the same name by author Koyoharu Gotōge. To get the manga that inspired the anime, click here! Other, to enjoy the Kindle format with a 14-day free trial, it’s here.

The last episode of Demon Slayer eventually confirmed that the women of Tengen Uzui were taken to a tunnel where the Demon Obi stored them to eat them later. Fortunately, Inosuke Hashibira managed to find the tunnel and began slicing the obi, freeing his captives. Among the prisoners were Makio and Suma as well as Zenitsu Agatsuma, unconscious.

Episode 5 of Quartier des Plaisirs ends with Tengen finally reunited with his wives and congratulating them on their hard work. The Hashira sound then promises that things are going to be flashy from now on. If you just finished the previous episode then you want to know when will Demon Slayer Season 2 episode 6 be released? on Wakanim & Crunchyroll! We tell you everything!

What date and time of release for episode 6 of Demon Slayer Le Quartier des Plaisirs in France on Wakanim & Crunchyroll?

The Demon Slayer episode 6 release date The Pleasure District was set for January 9, 2022 on Wakanim & Crunchyroll. For the most impatient who wish to know at what time will episode 6 of the pleasure district. The exit time of Demon Slayer episode 6 The Pleasure District was set at 5:00 p.m. on Wakanim in France!