Demon Slayer movie streaming: where to watch ‘Infinity Train’?

We know it in France under the name ‘Le train de l’Infini’, but the Demon Slayer film took a very risky bet: to make the handover between season 1 and season 2 of the anime. Animated film in the same style as the series, this adaptation is now available for streaming on the internet! Ideal for remembering events, while season 2 arrives on October 10 in Japan, and in 2022 in France

Demon Slayer movie streaming: where to watch ‘Infinity Train’?

The animated series aired on Wakanim, and the film will make that choice too! Note that the site Crunchyroll Also will have the ‘Infinity Train’ streaming.

In both cases: the format will be changed since from October 11, 2021, the movie Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train will be … in episodic format. There will in fact be:

The VIP offer is required to watch the film. No choice therefore, in France, to watch the movie Demon Slayer legally: you have to pay. But a 14-day trial period exists, we detail it further down in this article. As for a possible release on Netflix, wait until 2022 at the earliest.

Streaming the ‘Mugen train’ in 2021: how to find the film before season 2?

The more impatient will undoubtedly find illegal sites sharing video files. In a few minutes of searching indeed, it is easy to find the full movie in Japanese with subtitles. However, we can only recommend that you favor Wakanim and its exclusive format.

As said before, there is a legal and free offer on Wakanim thanks to 14 days free trial. The episodic format is still a concern: you will not have access to all the episodes in 2 weeks.

No choice therefore:

For the rest, either you pay a subscription for a few weeks, or you try to make a new VIP account with a new email address. But Wakanim often detects this kind of manipulation!