Demon Slayer: Mugen Train – The 10 Most Emotional Scenes From The Movie, Ranked

As the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan and part of one of the most popular manga and anime that has taken over the last few years, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train is an epic movie that any demon fan Slayer Can enjoy.

However, with its exciting characters and magnificent music come some of the most emotional scenes from the first parts of the franchise (there are still more seasons of the anime). Now that the film has been released outside of Japan, it is time to remember the most emotional moments of it.

10 Rengoku’s mother tells him that she is proud of him

In his final moments, Rengoku finds peace by having a vision of his mother. While before the movie it was revealed that his father had negative feelings regarding him becoming a Flame Hashira, Rengoku’s mother is undeniably kind and trusting in her eldest son, telling him that his strength is a gift that should be used alone. to help others. In the end, Rengoku hears his mother tell him how proud she is of him, and smiles. The scene is palpably heartbreaking.

9 Enmu’s Minion Meets Tanjiro’s Soul1628611931 735 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

Enmu’s plan is to put all the passengers on the train to sleep so that his henchmen (normal people he has bribed to carry out his orders) can enter his subconscious and pierce through his spiritual core, killing them. The sick boy who is tasked with entering Tanjiro’s subconscious is so overwhelmed with emotion when he realizes how warm, calm, and beautiful Tanjiro’s soul is, that in the end he decides not to carry out. what his master wants. The scene is beautiful, as Tanjiro’s pure goodness changes this desperate boy.

8 Tanjiro’s dream that shows his heart’s desire1628611931 576 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

When Enmu puts most of the train to sleep, Tanjiro’s dream is as poignant as it is heartbreaking. He dreams that he returns to his house in the mountains with his mother and his brothers, who are no longer alive. Inside the dream, Tanjiro still remembers his life and Nezuko’s as Demon Slayers, so he knows that something is not right, but that Tanjiro allows himself to believe that they are real is almost as emotional as the reality of the dream manufactured by Enmu that arrives. to its end.

7 Rengoku’s dream about his father1628611931 38 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

What gives Kyojuro Rengoku’s dream a slight edge over Tanjiro’s is the fact that Rengoku’s past and his life prior to meeting Tanjiro is presented to the viewer, and peering into this piece of Rengoku’s past reveals a Sad memory.

In the dream, Rengoku has just obtained the rank of Hashira of the Flame -as his father Shinjuro did before him-, but when he tells the news to his father, his reaction is one of contempt, as he tells his son that being a Hashira is worthless.

6 Tanjiro commits suicide over and over again1628611932 423 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

After a vision of his father, Tanjiro realizes that, to escape his dream, he must use his own sword to kill himself and thus wake up and fight Enmu. Miraculously, it works and Tanjiro is able to confront Enmu, but the powerful demon puts him back to sleep, but only for a moment. It takes Enmu a minute to realize that Tanjiro is continually committing suicide so he can fight Enmu, which is another emotional scene.

5 the nightmare that Enmu inflicts on Tanjiro1628611932 767 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

When Enmu realizes how untamed Tanjiro’s will is, after Tanjiro continually kills himself to escape the dreams Enmu puts him in, he takes out everything he has, throwing Tanjiro into a literal nightmare. Whereas Tanjiro’s earlier dreams showed his family alive and happy, this nightmare finds his home and person in ruins as lurid specters destined to beat Tanjiro with guilt, blaming him for their deaths.

4 Tanjiro defends the memory of his family1628611932 3 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

Raising the stakes, Mugen Train took a scene that was already shocking (Enmu putting Tanjiro in a nightmare to break him) and uploaded it. As Tanjiro was abused by his family, fury takes hold of him and he is able to break free. The nightmare prompted Tanjiro to escape and shout, “There is no way they will say that! Never! Not to my family!” Tanjiro’s ferocity in defending this insult against his family leaves Enmu vulnerable and Tanjiro takes what should be the final blow.

3 Tanjiro asks his father for help to make the Hinokami Kagura Clear Blue Sky1628611932 409 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

Although Tanjiro’s incredible battle against Enmu should have been the end, the demon had a few tricks up its sleeve and had merged with the train. Therefore, Tanjiro and Inosuke had to work together to find the place on the train / body where they could kill him.

Although Tanjiro primarily uses the Water Breathing style at this point, he invokes his father’s spirit to protect him and can use the Hinokami Kagura Clear Blue Sky to deliver the true final blow against Enmu.

2 Tanjiro calling Asaka a coward1628611932 676 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

After Rengoku and Asaka’s battle, the sun is rising rapidly and the demon needs to escape to a shelter, as the sun is deadly to demons. Overcome with pain and anger, Tanjiro pursues the demon as it tries to disappear into the forest and pierces Asaka’s body with his sword Nichirin after a powerful throw (taking into account Tanjiro’s injuries). The high emotions of this scene extend until the end of the film, when Tanjiro cries and unburdens his heart.

1 Rengoku’s death1628611932 472 Demon Slayer Mugen Train The 10 Most Emotional Scenes.webp

In the film’s second climax, Rengoku and Asaka’s battle is revealed to be one of the most epic of all. the series ofDemon Slayer (until now), as viewers can see a Hashira giving it his all against a high-ranking Kizuki. At first, it seems that the incredibly strong Rengoku will triumph against Akaza, but the demon’s regeneration is an impossible advantage and it is clear that Rengoku will lose. And indeed it does, not leaving a dry eye in the surroundings.