Demon Slayer (Netflix and Prime Video): will there be a season 2 soon in France?

The first season had been a huge success on all the streaming platforms that broadcast it. Manga is a real bookstore phenomenon. A feature film, Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train, was even produced to bridge the gap between the first and second seasons. This film has accumulated more than 727,000 admissions in France. Now, the question of the broadcast of the second season of Demon Slayer in France is on everyone’s lips. In Japan, it debuted on October 10, one episode per week for a total of 18 episodes.

Four episodes have therefore already been released and are arousing the curiosity of French fans, but they will have to be patient. No precise date has been communicated for a French release of this second season on Netflix, where the first is a hit. For the moment, the only way to discover this new vintage is the simulcast, namely the simultaneous broadcast between Japan and France. This is only available on dedicated platforms: Wakanim and Crunchyroll. Since these two sites have exclusive rights, a possible broadcast on Netflix (Where Prime Video) will have to at least wait until the end of the season broadcast. To know by spring 2022.

The plot of Demon Slayer takes place in 20th century Japan. A somewhat special Japan since it is invaded by demons of all kinds. The hero, Kamado Tanjirō, saw his family slaughtered by one of them. His sister, the only survivor of the attack, was transformed (…)

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