Demon Slayer Returns With Its 2nd Season And … New Controversy? – We are not Ñoños

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Censorship for Demon Slayer?

That’s right my dear Ñoños, again one of our most recent favorites, is once again the center from opinions found and diverse.

This new controversy was unleashed with the Return of anime to small screen. Well, even when the program warns its audience with its classification PG-12 which could include some content not suitable for child viewers. And it is that apparently this is not enough, since because the schedule of Demon Slayer it’s stellar at 9:00PM in their country of origin, detractors they mention that minors they can still have access to it.

While there is no government agency that by itself regulates this type of adjustments, this situation has caused more than one head to turn around Demon Slayer, so we will have to wait to see if this affects the transmission of the rest of the chapters, because as we will remember, the manga ended in Mayo of 2020.

Being a little more strict and delving into the subject, it is true that Demon Slayer is a shonen in all the extension of the word, but it is precisely this classification that provides the “cornerstone”Who directs the narrative of stories of this kind. And is that the shonen is par excellence synonymous with fighting, the way of the hero and a thousand and one other things, these being common factors shared by other favorites such as: Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, etc.

New Season, New Debate….

The new and “brand new” season of Demon Slayer focuses us on the events after the Infinity Train Arc, the film that made more than one cry has its continuation with a brief summary of what happened after the death of our beloved Pillar of Flames and the new mission in which the brothers Kamado and company are involved.

And this is how this new plot twist entitled “The Arch of the Red Light District” begins. Between emotion of the fans and the uneasiness of the detractors, we will see what it holds for Ufotable and his adaptation of this great work.

Meanwhile, you we share a review of 1st chapter from 2nd Season from Demon Slayer and do not forget to leave us your opinion in the comments, remember that only in We are not Ñoños! We have the freshest news for you!.