Demon Slayer reveals the secret of Hantengu’s power!

Season 3 of Demon Slayer was marked by intense fights against two new members of the upper ranks of Muzan Kibutsuji, and the latest episode of Demon Slayer revealed the secret of Hantengu’s power. When Hantengu was first revealed as the upper fourth rank, the demon was remarkably different from the others. Appearing to be fearful despite the inherent power of such a position within Muzan’s ranks, it wasn’t until the demon began battling Tanjiro that anime fans got to see how Hantengu is a real danger.

Demon Slayer: Blacksmith Village previously revealed that cutting off Hantengu’s heads only resulted in four clones representing different emotions. Each of these demons seems to possess a higher rank power, but Tanjiro discovered that defeating the four demons doesn’t take anything away from the demon. But the latest episode of the Demon Slayer anime explains why, as Hantengu’s abilities are the result of a pretty hilarious sleight of hand. In fact, he’s been shrinking and hiding the whole time.

Demon Slayer: What is the power of Hantengu?

In episode 6 of season 3 of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro discovers that there is something strange about defeating the four Emotion Demons. When the sulfur smell of the hot springs dissipates, Tanjiro discovers that there is actually a fifth secret smell hidden among the others. As Genya and Nezuko fend off the demons of emotion, Tanjiro chases the scent until he discovers the original Hantengu has shrunk and is running around waiting for emotions to kill all demon slayers. Tanjiro can’t keep up with the running little demon.

He then asks Genya for help while he and Nezuko hold the others at bay, which results in a tense pursuit of Hantengu while the Emotions try to defeat the little demon. Even when Genya comes in contact with him, he fails to cut off Hantengu’s head. This proves that the demon is much larger than what we have seen so far, and that he probably still has other tricks up his sleeve.

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