Demon slayer review #23 by Sachiko-chi

Final fight to restore peace!

We are at the conclusion of Demon Salyerthe twenty-third volume is finally in our hands, and it’s time for us to say goodbye to the characters.
Demon Slayer is a saga that I didn’t take directly when it came out, having missed the release announcements, but after seeing some past reviews, I decided to get started, in addition to the drawings that I didn’t like at all , I wanted to give him a chance and I did well.
In effect, Demon Slayer is for me, a saga that gets better with time, it’s a title that the mangaka knew how to hold until the end, and bring it a real touch of emotions. It’s a title that is so touching that even the demons are really endearing, and we finally understand what pushes them to turn to this immortality, a way for them to take their revenge, thinking they are right…
That’s what I find great with Demon Slayerit’s for all this work on the characters that I appreciate this saga, but let’s get back to our last volume!

The previous volume started the fight against the final boss Muzanand the outcome of this fight was completely uncertain, and until the end of this volume, it remains uncertain.
I’m not really going to expand on this final fight so as not to spoil the surprise, but like a video game boss, we’re going to have several parts to fight this character, and we will have to gather several forces of slayers to join this battle. This fight is also very dynamic, intense and puts us under tension.
We really feel all this synergy between the characters, fighting for a common cause, I really have this team spirit, the relay they have put in place, when some are recovering from others attacking their enemy.
I really loved feeling all these emotions, especially since it’s touching, it’s almost the fight of despair for them, it’s now or never to get rid of Muzan.

Speaking of him, once again, we do not appreciate all his convictions, and all his actions, but the mangaka tells us his story, and presents us with another facet of the character. I find that once again, we understand what could have motivated him to take this path, and finally, we feel more pain for him than anger. It’s impressive that the mangaka manages to manipulate the emotions of her readers and especially me, yet I’m not a big fan of villains in stories…
As for the characters, I would like to quickly address the case of Tanjiro, which for me is a protagonist without really being one. I found that he was a rather discreet character in the end, and who doesn’t really have the charisma of a protagonist as we often find in classic shonen nekketsu. However, I appreciated it a lot, a lot of humanity that stems from it, and participates in all the emotions that flow from this story.
I think we underestimated lady too much TamayoI think I would have loved to see her more often during the saga, and benefit from her experience and her work!
For the other characters, I can’t really expand either, but for many I was very touched, they accomplished their primary mission, everything is brought with great gentleness and almost lightness.

Subsequently, the mangaka offers us an epilogue, and everything was perfect until we got to this famous epilogue. I love these passages at each end of the saga, it’s really a plus to say goodbye to the characters, and leave them to be able to find them later by doing a rereading of the saga. But there, I had the impression of being in a parody of Demon Slayerthere is the possibility of following generations for the survivors, and reincarnation for those who have left, and I didn’t necessarily appreciate the mangaka’s choices which really give me this strange impression of being in a comic and parody special issue .
It’s a shame, but that’s how it was, I loved everything, and I found that some were too strange for me. Fortunately not all of them, and I came out of this reading rather delighted, and without questions to ask myself about the universe that I would not have understood or grasped, the objectives have been achieved, and the goodbye is touching.