Demon Slayer season 1 finally arrives on collector, Blu-ray and DVD from Dybex, June 03, 2022

Waited for a long time already at Dybexthe physical release in France of the demon slayer season 1 finally fast approaching, with three different editions scheduled for this summer!

We can therefore obtain, at our choice, a complete dvd sold at the public price of 34.95, a complete Blu-ray at €39.95, and a limited collector’s edition DVD+Blu-ray combo in A4 format offered at €79.99.

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If each of the editions will offer the entire series (26 episodes) in VF and VOSTFR, the collector’s edition will obviously be much more extensive: it will contain two DVD and Blu-ray digipacks, an A4 format booklet of 88 color pages, 5 illustrated maxicards, a bonus DVD and Blu-ray with audio commentary (episode 1) and collection of Japanese trailers, a giant poster in A2 format, and, a goodies which will be limited to the first printing, namely a metal reproduction of Kanao’s coin in its case.

1654272341 462 Demon Slayer season 1 finally arrives on collector Blu ray and

Via his website, Dybex has opened pre-orders of the collector which are at the reduced price of €64.99 until July 14, for delivery scheduled from July 19. And if we trust the Anime-store site, the release of the various editions elsewhere should rather be done around August 23rd.

1654272341 550 Demon Slayer season 1 finally arrives on collector Blu ray and

Synopsis of the series:

Japan, Taisho era. Tanjiro Kamado is a nice boy, who supports his family by selling charcoal. As he returns home, in the mountains, he discovers his whole family horribly massacred by a demon. The sole survivor is her younger sister, Nezuko. But to add to her misfortune, she herself was transformed into a demon! Heart and soul broken by these terrible events, Tanjiro decides to become a demon hunter, in order to avenge his family and free his sister from her curse. He then embarks on a path of which he still knows nothing…