Demon Slayer: Season 2 unveils a new trailer

News culture Demon Slayer: Season 2 unveils a new trailer

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba continues its second season, with a new arc featured in this recently released trailer.

This second part of the second season of Demon Slayer will be dedicated to the arc Entertainment District (“Districts of Pleasures”), in which Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu accompany Tengen – the Pillar of Sound – in his mission to Yoshiwara, where he must search for his missing women.

Tanjiro will get stronger

Demon Slayer: Season 2 unveils a new trailer

The main character, Tanjiro, is still on a mission to save the soul of his sister Nezuko. Indeed, Demon Slayer revolves around the story of Nezuko, who became undead because of a demon who also killed the rest of his family. Her brother Tanjiro therefore sets himself the goal of saving her. In this arc, Tanjiro and his friends will develop new capabilities alongside Tengen and more powerful powers, because they will have to face even stronger enemies. Indeed, during this new arc, which begins with a One hour episode aired on December 5 next, Tanjiro and his comrades are going face the demoness Daki (see drawing on the right). Note, this arc succeeds the Infinity Train which corresponded to the first seven episodes of the season, adapted from the film released last year.

The discovery of Tengen

Demon Slayer: Season 2 unveils a new trailer

Above all, this bow will be that of the meeting of Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu with the Pillar of Sound, Tengen. This bow fits manga chapters 70 to 99, in which they help Tengen to search for his missing women as they investigated rumors of demons. Tengen is an important and appreciated character in the manga, which is why the announcement of this arc in which he holds a capital place, excites many fans.

The Entertainment District arc for the second season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will debut on December 5 in Japan, and as a simulcast on Crunchyroll and Wakanim.

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