Demon Slayer: Season 3 is getting clearer on video, on the way to the village of sword forgers!

news culture Demon Slayer: Season 3 is getting clearer on video, on the way to the village of sword forgers!

Made official at the end of season 2, the third season of Demon Slayer is becoming clearer today with a new trailer. After the Quartier des Plaisirs, place at the arc of the village of swordsmiths. The trailer reveals more about the characters present and sets the tone for this next season.

A new trailer shared by the production

Demon Slayer is definitely one of the most popular Japanese works of the moment. The manga is still a hit internationally, while the film The Infinity Train is today the most successful film at the Box Office in the Land of the Rising Sun. With this exceptional popularity, the manga is still continuing its anime adaptation. While the production of the third season had been confirmed at the end of season 2 with a visual and a teaser, today fans are entitled to a new trailer, which, failing to reveal more information, allows once again to see the full extent of Ufotable’s animation expertise.

See you at the village of swordsmiths!

For the moment, several questions remain while this trailer ultimately reveals little information. Dotted with highlights from previous seasons, this video allows you to see the good Tanjiro in action with his new sword, but also the next two Demon Slayer Pillars at the heart of this new arc: Muichiro Tokito of the Mist and Mitsuri Kanroji of the ‘Love. These two heroes had already been teased before when season 3 was announced.

And the rest… almost nothing. Note the return of Hotaru Haganezuka, the eccentric blacksmith of the Demon Slayers. This season will adapt the Swordsmith Village arc, so its presence makes sense.

For those who have already read the manga, do not expect any new element. The anime being particularly faithful to the initial material, this new season should scrupulously repeat the events depicted during the Swordsmith Village arc.

We still have excellent news, namely the return of the original production team with Akira Matsushima in character design and Haruo Sotozaki in the realization. Still driven by ufotable, this season has no release date yet. We can hope for a first broadcast by the end of the year, which extends over the beginning of 2023 as the Quartier des Plaisirs season. Finally, this batch of episodes should be available on Crunchyroll at first, before perhaps joining the Netflix catalog after the initial broadcast.

In addition to this trailer, Demon Slayer is present all weekend via the Kimetsu Party event in which it is possible to participate via Livestream (paid participation, event subtitled in English).

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